Andreas & Tika

The Mulia
October 07, 2023

Super well taken care of by Varawedding Team!❤️❤️

Vara wedding was the very first vendor and our top choice because my sister chose them too for their wedding and I would like to say that they haven’t lose their touch. For a Bali based wedding planner they sure know how to work under pressure and show us like nothing bothered them and suddenly the problems all melted away 🤣 prolly because it's in their Bali's mood so they keep it fun and easy going vibe.

Special mention to mba Chris! The lady behind LITERALLY everything! And for the 1.5 years been there for me 24/7!! Love you ❤️ps: relationship so strong as we still keep in contact until now! Kak yogaa yuhuuu thank you for taking care all the rsvp and guest management 🔥

To mba ari(bride's assist) and kak nino(Groom's Assist)! Supeeeerrrr helpful on the very big day! and we know like there were several problem ( ex:the Groom's pants iconic scene in the morning 🤭😱🤣 which handled by kak nino and team perfectly ) and small hiccups here and there but as the bride and groom, we felt like everything was so SMOOTH and hassle free on that day! All that we can say is that the whole day since the morning prep until the afterparty we were super satisfied!

To all of you that I havent mentioned (it would be a longer page than this if I mention you guys one by one 🤣) mom's and family assist, event coordinator, all AnTik's success team in Varawedding we would like to say thank you and welldone guys! ❤️❤️

Happy and Satisfied client,

❤️Tika and Andreas❤️