Nerissa & Matthew

The Royal Santrian
January 14, 2023

Varawedding team was insanely helpful, gercep to the max, VERY professional. From the beginning to the end. We were working together with mba Christina. She worked tirelessly even with the 12hours difference. Jadi kadang2 mesti whatsapp-an jam 2pm here (or like 2am her time) – maafkan bride rempong ini. She never once was annoyed with the nonsense questions that I had or even the last minute request (kayak si bunga bouquet tiba2 ganti warna).

Everything was made easy through mba Christina. I didn’t have to worry about anything. She had answers for all the questions I have. She made sure the vendors that I specifically requested was contacted. She was an excellent communicator, which is a skill that not a lot of people have. Mba Christina arranged the time for menu tasting for my parents. They’ve never met either but they already liked Mba Christina. I couldn’t be there for most of the wedding prep, living in Canada and all, but everything worked out well. Everything was well taken care of and according to what we’ve discussed. Thank you for being absolutely amazing at what you do (and your endless patience too!)

Fast forward to the wedding day. Mba Ary sih best ya. Gimana ceritanya tiba2 bustle aku rusak, dia langsung gercep jait. I mean, talk about service. Thank you uda repot2 following me everywhere, making sure I was very well fed, dan kipas2in di hari yang panas. Thank you for taking care of me on the day of. 10 out of 10 service nya. Thank you juga buat Adam yg uda ngebantuin Matthew. Making sure he is well hydrated biar ga pingsan groom buleku. Thank you juga uda kipas2in dia and ensuring he is well taken care of!

Thank you to the whole Vara team wedding; mba Christina, mba Ary, Adam and others that we didn’t meet but we knew you worked your ass off too to make sure the entire day ran smoothly. Your hard work and smiles and energy won’t be forgotten. You guys left a mark in our heart. Thank you.