Marcus & Dawn

Soori Bali
September 14, 2019

Having a wedding planner was probably one of the best decisions we made. Planning a destination wedding outside of our home country, and where we do not speak the native language can be challenging. Rashmi was very helpful in providing us with recommendations for Vendors, as well as liaising with them on our behalf and helping us to negotiate for what we wanted.

The best thing about having a wedding planner, however, was having someone to run the event on the day itself, so that Marcus and I (and our bridal party) were able to fully enjoy the wedding without having to worry about logistics. The Varawedding team was great and took care of all our needs and more (Marcus and I each had our own personal assistants for the day!). Feedback from all our guests was that the wedding ran beautifully, and I think it is largely thanks to the professionals who made the day a huge success.


How did you two meet?

We met at work – we were colleagues!


What was your favorite moment of the wedding?

This is a tough one – there are just too many! The wedding was a dream come true. One of my favorite moments was when Marcus’ cousins were leading worship during the ceremony – we staring at the waves, with the sea breeze blowing at our faces. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect setting to exchange our vows.

One of the other highlights was probably when we had our first dance, and the fireworks went off. Marcus doesn't like to dance (so that was a nice first), and I know all our guests enjoyed the fireworks and were impressed with Marcus’ choice of music (Beautiful by Jim Brickman) playing in the background.


What was your wedding’s theme and what inspired you?

Our wedding theme was mainly white and green, with a touch of blush. The blush was inspired by the engagement ring that Marcus chose, which is a padparadscha sapphire.


How did you know about Varawedding?

I googled “Bali Wedding Planner”, and a bunch of suggestions came up. I went through the Instagram pages of the shortlisted ones and liked the décor / style of the wedding done by Varawedding the best. I figured that if I already liked the general style/feel of the wedding, then conveying what I wanted would be a whole lot easier – I was right!