Nadrah & Syahid

Villa Vedas
February 16, 2019

It's been a month and a few days to the day of our simply put, most amazing wedding dinner reception we could possibly imagine. 


And we have all of you to thank for that.

Priscilla who started the ball rolling with the perfect venue after many many options. We were so confident in her professionalism that we booked Villa Vedas before actually doing a visit. And when we did the visit with her not long after, we knew we made the right choice.

And when it was passed over to Fieke, the transition was done as smoothly as it possibly could be. Fieke brought it home with, in all honesty, quite crazy amounts of requests and most importantly, Fieke was there to assure us that everything was going to be alright up to the wedding day.

The 16th was perfect in every way. There wasn't a hitch in sight, and if there was, we certainly didn't know about it. Varawedding team along with our PA's for the day and night, Ary and Yoga, made sure of that. 

Special mention to all our vendors: Villa Vedas who made us feel right at home in paradise. Silverdust who made the venue even more beautiful that it was. Dijon who made sure the food was brilliant from start to finish. 3G who kept us hydrated through the heat, non-stop. Azimuth who made sure everyone was entertained not only with the sound but also with the unforgettable fireworks at the end. And not forgetting Agus and his team from Staybright who made sure they captured every single moment in the most beautiful way — both during the pre-wedding and the wedding itself.

There's probably more to this than we could ever write, but from the bottom of our hearts, thank for making bringing the dream of 16th February to life for us. It was a night to remember.


With love,

Nadrah & Syahid