Thomas & Marissa

Sinaran Surga Villa
June 03, 2017

Many thanks to Vara Wedding especially Sally who has worked hard to make my dream wedding come true. I must admit I was never an easy bride but you fulfill all of my wishes and make my dream day a reality!
Everybody is so happy and pleased with the wedding, most importantly it was an unforgettable day for me and Thomas. I am sorry if we had a rough start and thank you for being patient with all of my request. You guys work fantastic at the D day. Everybody was fast and always have a plan B when things do not go as planned. If I can give you stars, I will give you 5 out of 5.
Thank you, Sally and Vara Wedding for the beautiful day. We will definitely recommend you as the best wedding planner in Bali!


Marissa and Thomas, and small baby who will come in March!