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Last Update: 15 August 2017

Welcome to varawedding!

varawedding provides various services with the provisions as contained in this document. When you visit varawedding and utilize the various features of our services, means you also have agreed with the conditions. Therefore, make sure you have read carefully the conditions of use.


Please see our Privacy Policy to better understand our policies.


When you use the service features varawedding or send e-mail to us, you have been put through electronic communication with us. We communicate with you via email or post notices on the website varawedding. You have agreed that all types of electronic communications made by both sides has equal legal force as if you make a communication on paper.


varawedding grants permission access and utilize the features of this site for purposes of individual and varawedding not allow you to: to download (except caching) or make changes to information in whole or in part of it, except the express written consent of varawedding.

The permission we give does not include:

  1. All kinds of sales and commercial use of this site and all its contents;
  2. Downloading or copying of the data address for the benefit of others;
  3. All kinds of usage: data mining, robots or software to other similar;
  4. This site or any portion of this site may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold or published with commercial purpose without express written consent of varawedding
  5. You are not allowed to make frames or other framing technique to include trademarks, logos and other information (including images, text, page layout, or form) of varawedding and our partners without our written letter.
  6. You may not use any meta tags or other forms of "hidden text" that uses the name varawedding without express written consent from us.
  7. You are not allowed to use our logos and trademarks varawedding others as part of the link without express written consent from us.


If you use this site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of personal data and passwords and to access from your computer, and you agree to assume full responsibility for all activities conducted on the basis of personal data and your password.


As a member, you can make comments, open a new topic in a forum discussion, answer the discussion forum, and give you all sorts of ideas, comments, questions and other information for the information provided:

  1. Not against the law.
  2. Non-threatening.
  3. Not to be offensive to other people's privacy.
  4. Non-promotion of a particular product or service directly. Only partner of varawedding who is allowed to conduct a brief promotion for services or products concerned.
  5. Not the types of abuse of intellectual property.
  6. Does not contain software viruses, political campaigning, agitation / commercial seduction, chain letters, mass mailings or other forms of spam.
  7. Not using an invalid email.

varawedding reserves the right (but not the obligation) to do the removal or alteration of information as above, but we do not do content inspection information regularly. Closing your account will be done if it violates provisions of the above.

In all kinds of your information to varawedding, you have given permission to varawedding to use, reproduce, modify, adopt, publish, translate, distribute, and display information to the whole world and in all sorts of media with non-treaty exclusive and free of patents. You also give permission to varawedding to use the name associated with this information.

You confirm that the information you provide is accurate, and information you provide does not violate these policies and does not cause harm to other people and other organizations. And you also frees varawedding on all kinds of accusations from the information you provided. varawedding entitled but not obliged to monitor, change or elimination of all kinds of activities or the contents therein. varawedding no responsibility and assumes no liability for any type of information provided by you or other third party.

INFORMATION at varawedding

varawedding strive to provide accurate information. However, varawedding can not guarantee that all kinds of descriptions and information on this site accurate, complete, current or free from all kinds of errors.