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With the biggest Hindu population in Indonesia, the island of Gods - Bali, has become an Indian dream wedding destination where Indian and Balinese cultures co-exist. Varawedding’s dedicated Indian team provides assistance to our couple’s auspicious celebrations.


We know that all of the events leading up to the wedding are significant in their own ways. That's why we're so adamant about making sure you have spectacular Mehndi to set the mood for festivity on your special day. We'll take care of everything from the henna vendors to the magnificent decor and entertainment (DJ, dhol, and band) to the lighting, audio, layout, and sheesha/shisha for you and your loved ones to enjoy.


It's not a secret that the Sangeet ceremony is just an excuse to show off your dance moves. And wouldn't it be just perfect if you could arrange it all without fuss and sweat? That's when we come in handy! Our goal is to ensure your Sangeet is equipped with adequate lighting, sound systems, and of course, the most dazzling dance floor ever. We will plan and execute every facet of your event, from vendor coordination, transportation, and schedule management to the design and execution of breathtaking decorations and performances.


Filled with laughter, love, friendship, and a whiff of turmeric, the Haldi ceremony is one of the most significant rituals leading up to the big event. We want you to be completely carefree and able to soak up every second of that joyous moment. We'll handle everything from designing the decoration mood board to organizing a Pandit Ji to do the Haldi Puja to setting up the sound system and lights.


Feel the divine warmth of romance as Bali's nature calls you! Infused with beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture, Bali is a magnificent place for your sacred promise of love. We know you desire nothing less than perfection for your Pheras ceremony, and we can give you just that! We'll coordinate everything you need for the ceremony, including the Pandit Ji, Mandap, Milni, Ganesh Puja, and Havan Kund. And that's not all! We can also put you in touch with the top event decorators in the business, who will ensure that your party has the right ambiance, complete with catering, music, and other amenities.

  • Payment of any vendors for any necessary services. Varawedding can assist to facilitate payment but does not include the payment fee or any bank charges that might be incurred.
  • Any trial services such as food tasting, hair-do trials, etc. If these charges incurred, these charges will be charged to the client. Varawedding can help you in the arrangement of the below services, but extra charges applied to the client:
    • Holiday arrangement, restaurant booking or any other arrangement that not related to wedding planning services.
    • Meals for all crew and vendors on the day of the wedding and on the wedding rehearsal.
    • RSVP Service.
    • Transportation arrangement and reservation service.
    • Transportation charges for wedding service suppliers, as well as transportation charges for the transportation of any event participants.

At an event, the professional team by Varawedding broadly consists of:

  • PIC ( Person In Charge )
  • Bride's Assistant
  • Groom's Assistant
  • Bride's Family's Assistant
  • Groom's Family's Assistant
  • Decoration & Floor Supervisor
  • Production Supervisor (Lights, sounds, and effect)
  • Food and beverages Supervisor
  • Floor Assistant
Note: The total number of team members depends on the wedding itself.


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