Kira and Alex's Dream Wedding at Jumeirah Bali

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1. How did you two meets?

Our story begins on a pleasant spring evening in October 2012. Our friends were having a party by the beautiful waterfront in Auckland called Westhaven. It was a lucky coincidence that Kira decided to go that night, as she didn’t usually attend these parties. It was on this fateful night that our paths first crossed, and although we didn't exchange words, we left indelible imprints on each other's hearts. Alex's dashing suit caught Kira's eye, while Kira's spirited enthusiasm captivated Alex. In the midst of a mini photoshoot, Kira effortlessly swept Alex off his feet, igniting a spark that would shape our future.

A month later, we unexpectedly crossed paths again at a local bar, Cassette No 9. Although we didn't engage in much conversation, we captured our first photograph together. A few weeks passed, and we found ourselves at yet another party. This time, we had a brief conversation, marking our first exchange of words. The following day, Alex, eager to initiate further communication, messaged Kira, inquiring about a song she liked and pretending to have forgotten its name.

The song turned out to be Icona Pop's "I Love It," which became the catalyst for our conversation. From that point on, we started conversing and meeting up more frequently. By the end of December, Kira realized her growing attraction towards Alex, while Alex had known it from the very beginning. On December 26th, we shared our first kiss, marking the official beginning of our romantic relationship. This special date holds significance for us, and we celebrate it each month.

2. What was your favorite moment of the wedding

Every moment of our wedding held a special place in our hearts, but one particular memory that stands out is the exceptional culinary experience we had. As self-proclaimed food enthusiasts, it was essential for us to have a top-notch fine dining experience at our wedding. We made a perfect choice with the venue, Akasa at Jumeirah. The three-course dinner exceeded all our expectations. It was a true gastronomic delight, featuring an array of our favourite dishes and carefully curated drinks.

To add an extra touch of luxury, the restaurant arranged for fresh truffles to be delivered exclusively for our special day. Truffles, caviar, and lobster embellished our extravagant wedding menu. The talented bar team also went above and beyond, creating exquisite truffle cocktails and crafting variations of Alex's beloved negroni. Every bite and sip were an extraordinary and delicious experience that elevated our wedding celebration to a whole new level.

Other cherished moments included our reception dance entrance with parents and bridal party, spectacular fireworks and pyrotechnics, a perfect sparkler tunnel, and our couple photoshoots before and after dinner!

3. What was your wedding’s theme and what inspired you?

Our wedding didn't adhere to a specific theme, but instead, we aimed for an elegant, romantic, and whimsical atmosphere. Our inspiration for the venue and decorations came from the enchanting European weddings held in majestic castles. Kira had always dreamed of having her wedding in a grand setting with timeless architectural elements such as columns, chandeliers, and fountains. Meanwhile, Alex dreamed of oceanfront ceremony with breathtaking views, making Jumeirah Bali the ideal location to fulfill both of our dreams.

To infuse Kira's personal touch, her favourite colour, pink, was incorporated into the bridesmaid dresses and overall decorations. Since our wedding was a destination celebration, we decided to incorporate a travel theme. Our invitations resembled boarding passes, adding a touch of excitement and adventure. Each table was named after a different city, and our wedding cake featured a world map design, symbolizing our love for exploration and discovery. These subtle elements added a unique charm to our special day while maintaining the elegant and romantic ambiance we had envisioned.

Despite the setback caused by an unexpected storm just moments before Kira was set to make her way down the aisle, our wedding theme and inspiration were successfully upheld, thanks to the remarkable adaptability of Frans Decor and Varawedding. Although our initial vision of an outdoor ceremony and dinner was disrupted, these talented professionals swiftly and professionally adjusted to the circumstances by moving everything indoors.

4. What special little details from your wedding that you like the most?

The telephone booth with the guest audio book became an absolute sensation at our wedding! It was more than just a photobooth; it served as a station where our guests could leave heartfelt audio messages for us. It quickly became the focal point for capturing memorable photos, and everyone had a blast with it. While traditional guestbooks are cherished keepsakes that couples can revisit to relive their special day, we felt that an audio book would hold even more significance for us. 

In addition to the guest audio book, we incorporated a range of personalised and non-traditional elements into our wedding celebration. We arranged for custom-made wedding napkins and coasters made for our guests to place on their drinks while they danced the night away. To break from tradition, we decided not to have a bridal party standing beside us during the ceremony. Instead, we embraced a runway seating arrangement, creating an intimate and distinctive atmosphere. Kira's extended bridal party featured mismatched dresses, adding a unique touch of individuality. As for Alex, he loved his square pocket boutonniere.

One of the other little touches that brought us great joy was the champagne tower featuring our favourite Perrier Jouet champagne. It added a touch of elegance and celebration to our wedding, making it a truly unforgettable experience for us and our guests.

5. How did you know about Varawedding?

As we embarked on the journey of planning our destination wedding in Bali, we Googled the wedding planners in the area. Among the various options we explored, Varawedding caught our attention with their prompt and professional responses to our emails. While other planners recommended excellent venues, they didn't quite align with the aesthetic we envisioned. This is where Varawedding truly distinguished themselves and stood out from the rest. Right from the beginning, their understanding of our vision and their commitment to bringing it to life made us confident in our decision to select Varawedding as our wedding planner. Looking back, it was undoubtedly the best decision!


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