Jeena & Sagar Indian Wedding in Bali, Stunning Glamour Blend with Traditional Customs

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When people say high school romances aren’t worth your time, you might want to read Jeena and Sagar’s story and rethink that statement carefully. A new kid in town, Sagar, immediately notices Jeena on their first day of high school. At first, she wasn’t aware of him stealing glances in the hallway, but eventually, they started to hit off a year after that first meeting. 

It wasn’t always as sunshine and butterfly as they hoped to be. People grow together and grow apart. They decided to go separate ways when a long-distance relationship didn’t work out for them. Yet old flame doesn’t easily die out. When they meet again after seven years of being apart, their heart still beats as one. Sagar had one goal in mind, and he was determined to build a home with Jeena. And yes, after all those years, Jeena still has room for her high school sweetheart!

After the defining moment of saying “I Do,” they decided to have two days of traditional Indian wedding on the beautiful island of Bali. Their vision of the wedding was a mix of traditional and modern customs between Punjabi (groom) and Bengali (bride). 

They drew inspiration from the Balinese icons with a mixture of Victorian themes for the wedding. They incorporated the iconic Victorian blue and white into their wedding decoration, invitation, and social media filters, down to their welcome gift. 

It is no secret that Indian weddings are famous for their festivity and deep-rooted cultural heritage. Jeena and Sagar’s wedding is no exception! On the first day, they held two traditional Indian customs, Mehendi and Sangeet, at the Renaissance Uluwatu. Since they wanted a twist of a modern feel to the wedding, they also had a cocktail ceremony for their guests. 

The ceremony was opened with an Indian-styled entrance, dancing & Punjabi music! It was first initiated by Jeena and her bridesmaids and followed by Sagar, groomsmen, families, and all the guests. She said it was one of her favorite parts of the wedding, as it was a night full of laughter and fun.

On the second day, they held the most important Indian ceremony that officially binds them as a married husband and wife known as Pheras. The ceremony was held at Tirtha Glass House, creating a tropical and garden-like atmosphere with a minimal hint of blue and white hue for the Mandap. 

Despite the sudden downpour, the wedding's joyous and celebratory mood remained unwavering. In fact, it gives a touch of subtle romance as they take the seven sacred rounds with the promises they made for each other. After the exchange of rings and their heartfelt first kiss as newlyweds, their new life together was greeted with a stunning flower shower and concluded with a dove released to symbolize peace and unity. 

For the dinner reception, they moved the venue to Tirtha Uluwatu, known for its cliff-top side with a breathtaking Indian ocean view. They transform the ambiance from traditional to contemporary for the dinner reception, with heavy jazz music and minimalistic all-white decoration. 

Nonetheless, their reception entrance is just as grand as their traditional one! A vibrant splash of color from the smoke bomb welcomed them as they entered the dinner reception area with a live saxophone performance. Everyone was smiling from ear to ear, a tear was shed, and laughter was shared. It was really a night to remember!

Day 1 - MEHNDI 
Wedding Planner: #varawedding @that_caffeine_rash
Venue: @renhotelbali
Decor: @silverdustdecor
Bride’s Designer: @seemagujraldesign
Groom’s Designer: @ruslihadiwinata
MUA: @makeupbyjovanca
Hairdo: @ayuhairstylist
Photographer: @gusmankphotography
Sound & Lighting: @tbsoundlightingbali
Henna Artist: @hennabali
Website collab: @wedmegood


Wedding Planner: #varawedding @that_caffeine_rash
Venue: @tirthabali, Tirtha Glass House
Decor, Sound, & Lighting: @tirthabali
MUA: @cempaka_vanderhulst @makeupbyjovanca @cherish_mua
Hairdo: @ayuhairstylist @ilun_antara84
Bride’s Designer: @bridesofsabyasachi
Groom’s Designer: @ruslihadiwinata
Dhol & Pagri Artist: @balidholwedding
Photographer: @gusmankphotography @matazoe_
Entertainment: @jimmysaxblack_
Catering: @ganeshaeksanskriti
Website collab: @wedmegood