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A journey of Love: Wedding in Bali Come True

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The couple who travels together stays together. The quote fits Andi and Theresia’s relationship description perfectly! But as we are in absolute awe of the love birds' chemistry, we do wonder about the journey of their union together. Thankfully, the happy couple has agreed to detail their courtship to Varawedding, from the initial meeting to the moment they decided to build a home together.

Before they started their beautiful adventure together, they were just two people who knew each other only by name. Interestingly, despite attending the same high school and college, the couple never crossed paths. Andi was the bad boy type of guy who loved to have fun, and Theresia was the optimistic academic girl who was very serious about her grades. 

But it was until fate finally stepped in and sparked their first interaction. They are bonded by their sense of curiosity and desire to try new things. In 2018, they met at a freediving class and started to hit it off from that point. The couple began to spend time together and chose hiking as their favorite activity. 

They share the same hobbies as they share their comedic taste. Andi knows Theresia is the girl of his dreams. She has met all of Andi’s expectations and needs. A companion to enjoy time with, a reliable friend,  and, on top of that, they have excellent communication together. At his heart, Andi knows that Theresia is not perfect and still has a lot of room to grow, but he is sure that she is the right person for him. Andi feels it is not only love that brings them together but the same vision and ambition they have that strengthens their love. They are simply in that phase of life when they know they're ready to make the commitment and support each other forever.

For Theresia, it is Andi’s caring nature that makes her fall for him. She also admires Andi’s strong leadership qualities and sees her man as an active, optimistic, and positive person. Theresia's decision to spend the rest of her life with Andi wasn't prompted by a sudden surge of romantic passion but rather from the comfort of their growing familiarity with one another.

Two years after that first spark, the couple eventually committed to a more serious relationship and started a business together. A year later, the pair finally decided to tie the knot. Cheers to true love, because who would’ve thought you met your soulmate at a freediving class? Well, Andi and Theresia certainly did!

They didn't have anything elaborate planned for the proposal, yet it was nonetheless meaningful and personal. The thought of matrimonial life came when they were stuck in heavy traffic under the Kota Kasablanka flyover. At that defining moment, they knew they were set together for life. 

They have always been drawn to Bali's natural beauty, so it was an easy decision to have their wedding there. They picture their perfect wedding as an outdoor one in a chapel with small yet intimate guests and decided Renaissance Bali as their place to tie the knot. For the couple, their biggest struggle was the financial aspect. However, with an undying commitment to one another, they managed to save up for their dream wedding in good time.

When asked to compare marriage to anything, the happy couple chose mountain climbing. There will be challenges and setbacks along the way that you can't avoid, but if you're resilient enough to keep going, things will get easier toward the top. When you have found the right climbing partner, just keep going and enjoy the whole process.

What a sweet story about journey and love! We believe love would blossom if you planted the right amount of care and attention. And we believe Andi and Theresia could grow a whole garden with that love. We wish the couple endless happiness and tenderness.

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