Behind the scenes of a wedding day

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That’s right! You heard us, in our today’s blog we are going to talk about the fun & craziness that

Goes on behind the scenes to put a perfect wedding together for our dear couples. While there is a whole lot of planning going on months or even years before, over blue print, we await for the D-day as much as our couples – let’s go, give this a read ☺

The morning:

The day begins with our very caring team of assistants waking up the bride, the groom and their

families or if they are already awake, the team will then order their breakfast and straight away

arrange the requirements for the makeup artists. We design the our rundowns to begin with the Hair & Makeup for the bride, bridal party and the families immediately as our day begins while the groom can rest a little longer or go for a swim/ squash/ tennis session with his groomsmen squad!

While the ladies are getting ready, the team of assistants are busy with

ironing/ steaming the clothes for the couple and their families, to make sure they look crisp when

they walk down the aisle.


OH wait! That’s not it.

We have another team on the floor for the vendors such as catering, decoration, production (sound

&light), who have begun with loading. The floor team along with the vendors brings out the best of

layout, to make sure the loading access and the guest’s access are both equally convenient. If you

are wondering how a wedding’s production only begins in the morning, let me help you to rewind a

little bit. The floor team or the wedding planner load equipment with production & decoration a

night before which is also called as “H-1 loading” wherein, we set the ambiance lightings, sound

systems, tech riders for bands, etc. H-1 requires special permissions from the villa management or

the hotel properties. How will you get it? Your wedding planner will manage this ☺


The afternoon:

While we are all waiting for the couple and the families to get ready, the team of assistants are

preparing details such as rings, shoes, dress/suit, veil, vows, invites, etc. for the photographers/

video team to shoot the details. Once these shots are done and the bride with bridal party or family isready with hair & makeup – we move on to robe shoots or beauty shoot because all those hours of

preparation demands of a little paparazzi!

Here, the floor team is touching up the arch, running sound checks for the ceremony and giving a

heads up to the bar to begin with the welcome drinks for the guests, who might start arriving any

moment now. Oh no! Who would escort them? Don’t you worry because while the family and the

couple are getting their moments captured, the guests are well taken care of by our running team.

Yes we have a team specially associated for the guest’s arrival and to inform them about when the

ceremony is about to begin or maybe what if someone wants to know how the day is going to look

for them ☺

Once the ceremony has begun, the assistants will standby with the couple and the families to make

sure, they all are well aware of the ceremony rundown whereas the floor team begins with touching

up the cocktail preparation. We have had weddings where the DJ kick started the cocktail or maybe a2 piece acoustic band or sometimes a full-fledged 7 piece set. What happens to their sound check?

The answer is bands will usually arrive before the ceremony to do the sound check in the cocktail

area if the ceremony and cocktail is taking place just next to each other (most of the time, this is the

case) but if it is a DJ – they can arrive an hour ago and run a silent sound check, without anyone

knowing ;)



The Night:

The ceremony is over, guests are enjoying the cocktails – our lovely assistants leave for a photo tour

with the couple, for all those Instagram pictures #loveforever.

Soon the dinner reception has to begin, there is so much happening behind the scenes – changing of

outfits for the bride & groom (sometimes maybe not), registration desk filling up, caterers preparing

food to display on buffet, bartenders are on a roll to prepare those toasts, the DJ is keeping the guests

entertained, the grand entrance has to happen under the sparkles tunnel, the speeches, the dances, those pyrotechnic timing, firework have to go on before 9 pm, games, entertainment – who has got yourback? Your wedding planner. We allot a team member to each of our tasks when we design the

rundown to make sure there are no loose ends – come with experience ;)


Such a rollercoaster of emotions from the speeches to the dances and the after party but the only

moment for us, as wedding planners, which matters the most is when we see our couple happy and

enjoying the best day of their lives. What do we do after the after party? Pack up ☺