How To Pick A Dress Code For Your Wedding

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Wedding Dresscode is the theme that should be worn by the guests who will attend the wedding party. Sometimes some couples consider this a very small thing and its not really important, with the reason being it is uncomfortable to ask the guests to prepare special clothes or in our culture is really appreciate people come with whatever they wear. Please remember, this is your day, your wedding is the most important day of your life, you will only experience it once in a lifetime. If we start with the couple planning and preparing all the details of the wedding, then it can be really important and make the entire day a beautiful day and memorable for everyone. Don’t let small things giving the impression that you never expect that you will continue to remember in your whole life.


By choosing Bali as your wedding destination, the dress code is one thing that you may need to think about. It is not only for you as the bride and groom, your family but your guests, to make everyone who attends your big day feel comfortable and enjoy themselves and leave the best impression on the guests.

Bali has many venues you can choose from, venues like in the big city, you can find everywhere in Bali, for example, modern ballroom. The famous venues in Bali for sure are outdoors with a view, ocean view, beach, or rice paddy. So do not forget to put the dress code in your invitation. As we know some wedding guests are from the city, it is very common they attend the wedding party with glamorous dresses, stiletto heels, and elegant hairdos. You can imagine, what if the venue on the beach and you didn’t put a dress code in your invitation? Guests will come with the wrong outfit, how will the guests feel? Uncomfortable and even as the bride and groom you will feel for them.

The dress code is not only about the color, but also how the people dress up and how they will blend with the theme of the entire wedding. So, your wedding will leave an unforgettable impression on all the guests, and most importantly unforgettable memories make sure you include the dress code on your invitation. This will give guidance to your guests and help decide what to wear for your big day and a good way to enhance the tone, theme, or mood you want on your special day.