Gate Crash Tradition

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Have you ever heard about or been asked about The Gate Crash or Door Games tradition? It’s an activity based on Chinese tradition where bridesmaids will challenge the Groom and the Groomsman with some small games before the Groom can see his bride for the first time that day. This particular tradition is very popular among Chinese couples.




So, what happens? The morning after finished with their grooming preparation, the Groom and his team will go to the Bride’s place to pick her up. Just before they enter the Bride’s room, the Bride’s team is already there, ready with some games and challenges for the groom and his team before they let the groom see the bride. The games are quite challenging and fun. The challenge can be any kind of physical challenge dancing, workout, funny movements, singing, etc ) or a quiz and usually after all of the challenges are done the groom will pay a "fee" to the Bridesmaids by giving them red pocket money to let them pass and meet the bride.




The whole tradition with all the games as the "obstacles" is to symbolize how much effort and sacrifices the Groom will go through to show for his love for the bride with the help of his best friends. Not only for the tradition but this procession may also add some fun and exciting moments at the wedding as in this modern era, couples are still carrying out this tradition because of the fun factor.