Finding A Good Makeup Artist & Hairstylist For Your Wedding

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How to find a good make-up and hairstylist for your Bali wedding?

For most of the couples, bringing their own make-up and hair artist would be overpriced. A much better option is to hire a qualified local vendor. Putting your big day look in the hands of a stranger can be nerve-wracking. But being secure in your choice and having trust in your selected artist can make all the difference in the world. When you hire a wedding planner, they will help you with the vendors' offer. Every bride is different and every bride has a different expectation and budget. If you talk with your wedding planner and explain your idea, they will be able to send you the vendor selection with their rates and portfolio. Plus, They work with a lot of vendors during the year, so feel free to ask them for the referral and their recommendations.


What you should know before you book the make-up and hairstylist?

1. Find bridal makeup style you like

Or at least, have an idea. Because if you just say, I want something natural, it is a very broad concept. The idea of natural make-up can be different for you and for your artists. The ideal would be if you collect a few pictures as inspiration. When you are searching for inspiration, be sure to take into account the features and skin tone of the person in the image – would the make-up look similar to you?


2. Find an artist who can fulfill your expectation

If you search online and search through portfolios, you can already see the style of each make-up artist. Some artists are great for the Asian market and they know how to work with Asian types of skin, eyes, lips. They also know, what brides like and what they prefer. Some other artists have experienced working abroad so they know how to work with blondes, ginger, brown hair brides, they also know what is good for each skin type and skin tone. Some artists have portfolios with a lot of eyelash extensions and significant contouring. Others have more nude colors with a focus on empowering natural beauty.


3. Read the reviews

Check online reviews and comments and ask your wedding planner for references.

4. Create a shortlist

It is always better to choose at least two artists who you really like and then check the availability. You may want to chat with several makeup artists to find someone you’re comfortable with, and whose style and vision matches yours. Some artists might not be available for your wedding day anymore so it is always better to have more options.



A trial is an amazing thing and we would highly recommend doing it, if possible. Of course, not all of the couples can come a few months before the wedding to do trials and food tasting, but you can still manage to do the trial a few days before the wedding. It is great if you can meet with your hair and make-up artist and explain your ideas, expectations. Also, it is great for the artists to meet you in person and see your personality and vibes.

If for any reason you can’t manage to have a trial, artists can always have a video call with you. You can ask all your questions, show them your pictures, explain your ideas, and just show them the energy that you have.



Packages are a great thing if you want to do make-up and hair for your bridesmaids, mum, sister, flower girls…Each of the vendors has its own packages, or sometimes it’s possible to make a customized package that is usually cost-effective.




We recommend to book it as soon as possible. When you book your venue and wedding planner, you should put the deposit down for your make-up and hairstylist as well. Especially if you have a popular wedding day (for example 10.10.2020) or a weekend wedding. There is a lot of make-up and hairstylist in Bali, but most of them are booked pretty fast. We wouldn’t recommend leaving it any later than three months before your wedding day

After your research and conversation with the wedding planner or your potential make-up
and hairstylist, you should feel confident in making a decision. If not, start the process again
until you find the perfect fit.