Is It Worth It To Hire Professional Makeup Artist For Your Wedding?

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Is it worth it to hire a professional make-up/ hair artist for your wedding?

Beauty, naturalness and comfort. Ideal wedding makeup should meet all three criteria. Nevertheless, the bride is the queen of the day. You should feel beautiful, but also yourself. And most importantly - it should be comfortable for you, nothing should bother you or interfere with your day.

When it comes to the professional make-up artist and hair stylist, some brides are wondering whether to do it by themselves or entrust themselves on an expert. The main reason is price and trust issues. Whilst you are still deciding if you want to hire a professional or not, let’s have a look at our recommendations below.

If you ask us the question: “Is it worth it to hire a professional make-up/ hair artist for your wedding?”

The answer is YES (unless you, or some of your friends are professional make-up  artists).


1. The Weather in Bali is hot and humid

If you don’t have any experience with these Weather conditions, your make-up and hair might not survive till the end of the ceremony.

2. Professional products that last

Artists use high quality products almost every day. Products that are designed for wearability and flexibility.

3. They know what looks good in the pictures

The photos need less touch ups, editing and their skill shows through the photos.

4. Stress free

If you can do the trial, do it! It will make you much more comfortable on the wedding day. You can discuss all the details in advance with your artist so during the wedding day, everything goes smoothly and right on time.

Last but not least everyone invited to your wedding is looking at you the bride and expecting to see sheer radiance.