The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Theme

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One of the hardest things about planning a wedding is deciding on your wedding theme. That's why we compiled all of the most favorite wedding theme and important keywords to inspire you and identify the wedding theme that matches perfectly with your vision!


The All-time favorite - Rustic Wedding Theme


Rustic can mean a few things, but we like to prefer this wedding theme as a natural theme with the touch of greenery and raw texture. This wedding theme has been very popular for outdoor wedding, and we know the reasons why, because this wedding theme is really easy to be personalized!

So if you do have some special flowers, colors or something that scream "you", just ask your decorator to arrange it beautifully with this wedding theme.

Keywords: Natural, elegant, greenery




The always popular - Classic Wedding Theme


Have you always been the type of couples who fall in love with a timeless beauty with a sense of elegant?
The light and airy palette combine with a metallic or pastel describe the classic wedding theme the best, and if this is the style that resonates with your heart be sure to add a personal touch to make this wedding theme yours!

Keywords: Traditional, timeless, elegant, luxurious




Romantic Wedding Theme


This wedding theme is all about celebrating romance, soft lighting and pastel colors combined with a whimsical floral arrangement. just the perfect combination that makes you and your guest awe!

Look for a wedding dress that's light and airy to gives off a delicate and feminine aura and get your bridal party a cute pastel color dresses and chino for the men's.

Keywords: feminine, luxurious, delicate




Modern Wedding Theme

A modern wedding is all about exquisite simplicity. The modern wedding theme is something that's formal but has enough playful touches that especially show your personality. 

Expect a mix and match of patterns in a playful but incredibly sophisticated, and combine it with a clean color scheme but don't be afraid to give a little bit touch of bold color. perfect!

Keywords: vogue, contemporary, modern, clean




Glamorous Wedding Theme


The key to having a glamorous wedding is to have a few jaw-dropping details in your wedding that will end up all over the Instagram!

Expect a decor from neutral minimalist to over-the-top extravagant. Oh and, some metallics and glitter are a must!

Keyword: luxurious, dazzling, chic




Vintage Wedding Theme


A vintage wedding theme might look exactly like a classic wedding theme, where bright and clean colors compliment the most of this wedding theme but don't be afraid to give a darker color palette to make a vintage wedding theme, choose yourself a gorgeous classic wedding attire and some timeless jewelry to wear on, and add some old furniture that will make a statement!

Oh on the last note, try to find a venue that compliments the vintage wedding theme the best!

Keyword: antique, vintage, classic




Whimsical Wedding Theme

Have you always dreamt to become a princess one day and find the prince that will sweep you off of your feet?

well, this wedding theme will swept you off alright, imagine an enchanting wedding aisle just like straight out of a fairytale story, a magical floral arrangement that lavishly decorates your wedding, sounds like a beautiful love story about to start!

keywords: luxurious, romantic, enchanting




Nautical Wedding Theme


A destination wedding on the island paradise with a nautical wedding theme? Anchors, sailboats, breezy linen fabrics, and seashell, not to mention the blue watercolor palettes, can we get a yes?!

This surely will bring a very thematic and gorgeous by-the-sea wedding!

Keywords: preppy, navel, beachy, blue




Bohemian Wedding theme


Boho is the new chic, with minimal effort.
The key is to throw your personality to this wedding theme, be bold with the
color palette, get some unique wedding arch and plates to spice things up!

keywords: unique, personalize, chic, bold




Well, if you have already decided to plan your wedding together with us, cry no more! we will be more than ready to give you inspiration and help you define your wedding vision, but we'll also recommend the right vendors that fit your style and budget. 


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