What’s The Difference Between Wedding Planner & Venue Coordinator?

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It’s 2018, and we are pretty sure that you guys are familiar with the term wedding planner. Aren’t you? And also, on the other hand, some of you may have heard about venue coordinator. What really are those? And what do they actually do? Well, today we are going to talk about wedding planner and venue coordinator, and what makes them different apart from each other. We are covering this topic in order to prevent you from mixing them up and cause confusions which lead to panic state.



As a wedding planner, we specialize in planning and designing the event, making sure every single element comes together making the event as beautiful and flawless as possible. It is such an important thing to be done – the event designing, because we’re talking about the clients here, knowing what they want to be precise, and meeting such expectations is a huge responsibility. We definitely make sure we give what they really want because we offer valuable experiences and aesthetics.  Meanwhile, venue coordinator has definitely nothing to do with the event designing.



Venue coordinator is definitely different with wedding planner. Venue coordinator is based on the venue you choose, and venue coordinator knows exactly about every single spot of the location. And also, this coordinator is someone who will greet the vendors on “the” day as well as assisting them showing them where to set up. And, that’s pretty much it. The coordinator will not have any contact with the wedding vendors afterward regarding the wedding. On the other hand, if you’re working with wedding planner, planner will take everything from the beginning to the end of the event, knowing every single detail. They know what you want and don’t want, as well as your needs because keeping you stress-free is totally important. Planner will act in every situation accordingly to fulfill what you want the most on your wedding day.



Now, talking about stress-free wedding. Wedding planner definitely will work super hard to make sure the wedding, and months leading up to it are as stress-free as possible while venue coordinator will not be a much help when it comes to wedding day stress, because mainly it’s not their job to but rather to direct and coordinate the details you’ve taken care of prior to the wedding day. Meaning, you still have to take care of all the things and elements months leading up to your big day.

Finally, to sum up, we believe that both wedding planner and venue coordinator definitely have their own strengths. But, wedding planner definitely has tons of experiences and planner definitely knows about the big day game flow. And, wedding planner is the expertise of the industry. Meaning, wedding planner will have the access to industry information, vendors as well as professional knowledge and experience important for your whole wedding planning process.