The Best Month To Get Wed In Bali

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Hello, our lovely readers! How are you doing? Hope you're all doing well!

As you may notice, up till now our blog has covered quite a few helpful things to help you to plan and design your wedding here in Bali. And today, we are going to have another additional highlight to have a wedding in Bali – The Bali (Wedding) Season!

When you think about Bali Wedding, you will definitely picture having an outdoor wedding with a fantastic view. Indeed you're right. And, talking about outdoor wedding, we definitely think about the weather. Yup, the weather is really important. You definitely don't wanna have an outdoor wedding when it's pouring. Do you?

Best Time to Get Married in Bali

Now, let's get into it! We will tell you the best time to get married in Bali. Wedding season in Bali starts from April to October, especially from June to September.

The number of people getting married peaks from August to September. Then, the other favorite months are May, June, July, and October.

Most people choose to get married in August due to the weather. And, we also think August is the best month to get married because of the weather. It is the time when you get the perfect natural sunlight and perfect breezy wind that makes your wedding become the perfect summer wedding. Meanwhile, on May, June, July, September, October are also the favorite months to get married in Bali, because of the perfect warm weather and a-just-perfect chilly weather at night that's not too humid or too hot for a wedding day.

The only thing to consider before having a Bali wedding in August is your budget. Because it is the high season, so, almost all accommodations in Bali (venues, catering, etc.) will increase their prices during the peak season because of the massive amount of tourists swarming Bali from across the globe. Meanwhile, February Could Offer the Best Deals , the accommodation prices are pretty stable, allowing you to breathe a sigh of relief.

So, Guys! That's what we think. What about you?  We would like to know what is the best month to get married in Bali according to you.

See you really soon!