What Do We Think About Wedding Superstitions?

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Talking about weddings, we definitely hear the “to-do" and "not-to-do”  things all the time. Well, some of them are pretty common, and also, some of them are pretty wild and mind-blowing. As insane as they seem like, some people, still, sometimes follow the omens due to certain reasons. We know not all people believe in such things. But, it is such a fun thing and topic to discuss. Today, we have listed the most common wedding superstitions which we hear all the time. Plus, what do we really think about every single one of them.


Couples Aren’t Supposed To See Each Other Before The Wedding

Back in the day, couples weren’t allowed to see each other before the wedding so the groom wouldn’t change his mind. Later on, this custom gradually morphed into the general idea that it was a bad luck for couples to see each other before the wedding.

Nowadays, some couples stick to the tradition, but with different perspective. They like the excitement of seeing each other for the first time before the ceremony. You can always do anything you want, anything that makes you happy. We know a lot of couples who are against the tradition and do the exact opposite. There’s nothing wrong with calming each other down from nervousness and up the excitement a little before the big day.


Dropping The Ring Means The End Of The World (Bad Luck)

This one can be a little bit dramatic. Certain traditions believed if someone dropped the ring during the wedding, it would be the “end” for that person. Yup, you’re right. That person would die.

Well, we thing that’s absolutely nonsense. But, it does lead to a good point. It would definitely be awkward if your rings fall down during the ceremony. Just to be sure the rings are secured well on the ring pillow.


Carrying The Bride Over The Threshold

People of Ancient Romans believed that carrying the bride over the threshold of the couple’s home could protect the bride from evil spirits.

We suggest you not to take this one seriously. We don’t think this idea is good for this modern era. It would be a bad idea carrying your bride home if you have wedding miles away from where you live. Maybe you can do it for fun. Like, for example, when you are coming back from honeymoon, and also you can give it a twist. Instead of carrying your beloved bride, you could walk hand in hand into your new house.


The “Good” And “Bad” Day, Date And Month For A Wedding

Certain days, certain dates, and certain months are said to have a lot of meanings. Talking about days, according to some cultures, British folklore to be exact, Saturday was believed to be the unluckiest day to get married, while Wednesday was said to be the best day to have a wedding.

Now, let’s talk about the month, ancient Romans avoided to get married in May, because they held their festival of the death in the fifth month of a year.

And finally, we have the classic. The “famous” infamous 13. The number 13 is said to be unlucky by a lot of people across the world.

We believe every day, every date, and every month is good. Isn’t it really common that people choose Saturday to say “I do!” every now and then? But, you can go on and still believe in such things if you want to. There’s nothing wrong following and obeying the traditions you were taught and brought up with.


Crying On The Wedding Day

People do get a little emotional on wedding days and sometimes they can’t hold the tears. In some cultures, crying on your wedding day means she has shed all of her tears and will never shed a tear during the marriage. Also, some people also think that crying on the wedding day can lead to bad things and situations happening in the future, since wedding is supposed to be filled with joy and celebration.

Well, we honestly think crying on your wedding day is such a special moment. Just be sure your make up is waterproof (we know the experts) . You definitely don’t want to have the combination of mascara and tears crawling down your face. Hihi.


Rain On Your Wedding Day

According to certain beliefs, rain on the wedding day could be good and bad. Some people believe if rain falls on your wedding day, it could be the blessing from the God(s) . On the other hand, certain people also believe that rain on the wedding day means a bad luck.

Well, we think a little drizzle on your wedding day is pretty fine and acceptable. But, a heavy rain on wedding day, especially if you have outdoor wedding, well, it’s definitely a problem. If you’re planning for an outdoor and nature-themed wedding, just make sure you have back-up plans just in case it rains.


So, here's what we really think about them. Well, we can always see things from different point of view. Indeed, there's always something good and bad for every single thing. What do you think about them? Or maybe there are some we missed? If so, you guys can leave some comments below. We would be really happy to hear about what you guys really think about these wedding superstitions.