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10 Bali's bride hairdo ideas!

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Bride to be, we know it is not easy to decide your hairdo for your wedding day. Some point before deciding your hairdo are your hair type, your wedding dress design, your face shape, and the last one some of the brides might not notice is your wedding venue location. Talk about your wedding venue location, if you plan your wedding in Bali, you must think about this one.

Bali is one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia and it’s tropical climate which is if you have a wedding in Bali means you consider your wedding will be outdoor in the garden or beach. The average temperature in Bali is 28 - 31 Celsius during summer and 25 - 28 Celsius during a rainy season, you tie up your hair or just let your long hair down beautiful. Plenty of factors come into play when deciding your wedding hairdo. 

Will it be hot if I keep my hair down? Will it be really windy and my hair ends up all over my face? There are some questions that will bother your mind. But let’s check some ideas from our Brides for you, Brides-to-be!


10 Bali bride's hairdo for you!

1. The Simple & Chic bun - Daniel & Cissylia Wedding

2. Glam & Chic updo - Marie & Daniel Wedding

3. Half-up braided hairstyle - Dixon & Zabrina Wedding

4. The flower crown - Emme & Sebastien Wedding

5. The Beehive updo - Fredrich & Monica Wedding

6. The French twist updo - Michelle & Robert Wedding

7. Pretty & simple hair tie - Mike & Yuyu Wedding

8. Wave curl hairstyle - Rachel & Omid Wedding

9. The Chignon updo - Shaun & Jenna Wedding

10. The half-side bun - Willy & Yennie Wedding

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