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Why to have a wedding in Bali?

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Why to have a wedding in Bali?

Bali has become a popular destination wedding location, and it's been one of the top destination for Australian couples. The tropical Indonesian paradise is known as the land of wedding heaven because of many selections of its wedding venue, beautiful beaches, and tropical forest dream, there are a wide variety of locations for your wedding, whether you prefer a beach at sunset, romantic chapel with ocean view, or a traditional villa or hotel.

Bali is a mere six-hour flight from Sydney, it's relatively easy for your friends and family to join you for your wedding in Bali. 

Bali has a tropical climate and some seasons are better than others for a destination wedding. During the wet season from December to April, it is humid with heavy rains and overcast skies, probably for you who dream of a beautiful summer wedding in Bali, it's not the image you had in mind. 

The rest of the year is beautiful, with sunshine and clear skies from June to September. It does occasionally rain during the dry season, but it rarely happens.  

The weather will be all different again regarding your locations for your wedding in Bali as if you're planning your wedding up in the mountains, the tempratures will be cooler.

For the wedding locations, the south of Bali is generally the most popular destination wedding area from Nusa Dua area, Uluwatu to Tanjung Benoa, mainly because of the spectacular views over the Indian Ocean and the white sandy beaches, as the beaches in north and west of the island tend to have black sand.

So, do you get the perfect image of your dream wedding in Bali yet?

Don't be afraid to ask us about your dream wedding vision in Bali! our wedding planner team is ready to hear your thoughts! 

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