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If you are one of the many people who always loves the idea of Destination wedding then Cheers to you! Because we're here today to share on why you should have a destination wedding in a beautiful location that you've always dreamt of such as the island of gods, Bali!

"Planning a destination wedding is too overwhelming for us!"

Well honestly, planning destination wedding all on your own is a big risk and it can be overwhelming! not to mention that Destination wedding doesn't fit the typical wedding planning formula so you might want to get ready to find that perfect wedding coordinator to take care of the unexpected for you and make your vision become reality. Say, it's your big day! go pour some champagne for yourself and let us do the work!

The first step in planning a destination wedding is to determine the people you want to invite to your wedding. It'll be better if you write down the names of your family and friends, you'll be surprised by how long the list will take, consider how you want your wedding to go, is it a big celebration or will it be an intimate one. The more intimate the wedding list, the more likely everyone will attend. 

Keep in mind that you're going to edit and change the guest list until your invitation is sent out because there will be some event when you fall in love with the Venue of your dream that can't accommodate your entire list, but no worries! we've got your back anytime and of course, there's still plenty of beautiful venues and locations in Bali that we can help you arrange it.

You might want to highlight this! Don't forget about your guests' travel consideration, you'd wish that all the guests in your list witness your big kiss and your dream dress, and of course... your vows! It'll be good if you had considered the guests' travel and accommodation as their vacation may be limited so it'll be good for them or for you to plan beforehand.

Secondly, the things about a Destination Wedding is the Climate, Weather, and Scenery!

Most of the couple whose coming to us usually already had everything in mind, but for you who would love to have a destination wedding but weren't sure about much else, in fact, we love to work with couples at the very beginning so we can help offer insight to guide the decision-making process.

Bali scenery is undeniably beautiful, the beaches, the ocean, the tropical garden, there's a lot of selections for the wedding venue that include a beautiful scenery of your dream (it'll be a nice photos backdrop!). Bali has a humid and hot climate all year around and it's known to be all sunny-sunshine and summer breeze making it one of the world's favorite tropical wedding destination. 

So if you and your fiance are considering to have a destination wedding, be sure to come back here tomorrow because i'll share the second part tips on how to choose a venue by considering on how it can accommodate your guests' list, the Bali's weather, and the scenery of your dream!

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