Ken & Natalia

Phalosa Villa
October 20, 2017

During the planning stage, there were several times that we found it quite hard to communicate with the assigned planner (Dian).There were a few cases where we thought Dian should have done the tasks or could have done a better job, such as arranging the transport. In our case, as we didnít provide accommodations for our guests, we understood that it would be harder to arrange transportation for the day as the places were scattered around. 

We made a list of the addresses and passed it to Dian and we believed she should have done the groupings based on the locations (of course you guys would have known better than us as we are not familiar with Indonesia). She didnít really do the groupings and we just thought she could have done a better job. So in the end, Nat had to do the groupings by using Google maps.

There were a few mistakes that she made in calculating the amount owing to vendors. As we donít have an Indonesian bank account, we preferred to pay in one go. But in the end, we had to make several transfers due to delay in updating the total amount.

Despite these non-crucial feedbacks, we are VERY satisfied with Dian and the rest of VaraWedding teams during the wedding day. They had done a fabulous job, from the preparation until the after party finished. Dian had done a wonderful job in arranging the teams and making sure all the things were getting done promptly. We also loved how you guys worked well in a team. We want to thank everyone, especially Ary& Nicky, for always making sure that we were not hungry, stayed hydrated and prevented us to get all sweaty!

Once again, THANK YOU Dian and Varawedding team for all the hard work and patience. You made our big day so perfect!