Michelle & Sean

Ayana Resort Bali
August 08, 2017

We actually have never met our WO before and we only communicated via Whatsapp. I live in Chicago currently, and there is a 12-13 hour difference between Chicago and Bali. I tried to adjust to Bali time and not disturb my vendors outside of business hours as much as possible, but our WO (Astini) was very flexible even when we contacted her outside of business hours. Vara Wedding had a team of 12 people, Sean and I each had an assistant, our families each had an assistant, and there were people who were in charge of things like transportation, etc. The Vara team even stayed back until we finished ours after party at Rock Bar! We had to take care of billings and things like that (yes, at 2 AM), and our assistants waited until we finished, walked us to our golf cart and made sure that we were all set and ready to enter our villa.

Our wedding would be a mess without a wedding organizer. I didn't have a single worry that day about my wedding processions and I was able to enjoy my day to the fullest. Having a wedding organizer that already has a relationship with local vendors puts us at ease. Special thanks to our personal assistants Susi and Angga who were always running around making sure that we are fed, that we are not dehydrated, that we are not sweating, and much more! 


Michelle & Sean