Millardi & Jeannifer

Anugrah Villa Bali
July 27, 2017

I had the good fortune of having Christina to be my wedding coordinator. She had been a tremendous help during the wedding preparation, and even more so during the wedding day itself.

She and her team were quick, helpful, forthcoming, professional, resourceful, careful, patient and more. 

I cannot think of any glitch during the event, and all last minute crises and requests (from friends and families included) were taken care of automatically. I had been worrying about being a good host, about the weather, about the décor, about payment, practically everything; but it turned out that the event was so well organized that I really felt relaxed throughout the wedding day.

Everything that I needed to take care of post-wedding, Mbak Christina continued to help me tie those things up too. Even the guests were full of praises and sent their regards to Varawedding PIC who was in charge of calling them one by one during pick up and ensuring everyone got home safely!