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Waka Gangga Hotels & Resorts

As pioneers in Eco-tourism in Bali, Waka Hotels and Resorts manages boutique resorts and luxury excursions. Continuing the Waka group founderís vision of superlative hospitality in stunning beachside locations, the company has matured to offer a collection of resorts and adventures that capture the heart of the island and take visitors off the beaten track to spectacular locations. Embracing the land, the sea and the culture that Bali is so famous for and creating unforgettable experiences in simply sophisticated resorts, excursions and beach club, is what makes Waka unique in signature style. WakaGangga resort reopened in 2014 after carefully planned redevelopment and upgrading of facilities. WakaSailing catamaran takes guests to the beach club in beautiful Nusa Lembongan island and WakaLandCruise travels high into the mountainside through incredible scenery. When the world fell in love with Bali, the island offered beautiful unspoiled paradise and warm Balinese hospitality. Waka Hotels and Resorts is continuing the tradition of authentic Balinese hospitality in superb settings, harking back to the days when the first travelers visited the island and went home to tell the world. Under the guidance from Kamal Kaul President & Chief Executive Officer, who formerly was a director of Oberoi Resorts and Hotels in Indonesia, a renewed commitment to a high standard of service, consistency and luxury marks a new beginning for the company. Waka Hotels and Resorts is committed to preserving Baliís environment and cultural heritage and through its corporate social responsibility participates in the improvement of the environment and the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the surrounding communities.