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With beautiful Asian traditions and culture in diversity, our wedding coordinator are ready to help you planning your dream wedding, from preparing essentials vendors to making sure everything runs smoothly on the happiest day of your life.

Prewedding Service
  • Prepare budget extensively with the wedding planner based on your vendor choices.

  • Selecting, identifying, hiring and arrange the payment of wedding professionals and wedding service providers such as venue, catering services, hair do and makeup, decoration, photography, videography, entertainment, sound and lighting, accomodation, transportation and other services.

  • Liase with all the vendors and venue management prior to and on the wedding date in terms of logistic and scheduling of events develop an itinerary and schedule appointments schedule for any pre-wedding visits, including venue inspections, vendor appointments, food tasting as well as hair and makeup trial.

  • Prepare the rundown and itinerary for the wedding event in consultation with the wedding couple and the selected vendors well in advance before the wedding date.

1-7 days prior to wedding day
  • Coordinate all of the activities with the venue management and various wedding service providers for smoot rundown of the wedding in terms of logistic and event scheduling.

  • Conduct final meeting before the wedding with all the wedding service providers.

  • Assist with the wedding reherseal at the wedding venue (based on the availability).

Asian Wedding Service
  • A professional wedding planner from Varawedding will be on standby (starting from 06:00 - 00:00 )

  • Our wedding planning team is ready in your service for all Asian culture and tradition wedding.

  • Coordinate the whole event (ceremony and reception on the wedding day as well as pre-wedding event) together with the venue and vendors, from preparation until c ompletion of the event.

  • Organize and ensure all services providers are on time.

  • Organize all respective issues to all vendors involved during the wedding event. Organize guest transportation from hotel to the wedding venue (vehicle is not included).

  • Coordinate (if necessary) any events on the wedding day that might need to be moved to a back up venue or adjusted due to bad weather (availability and additional backup venue based on regulation of the wedding venue).

  • Payment of any vendors for any necessary services. Varawedding can assist to facilitate payment, but does not include the payment fee or any bank charges that might be incurred.
  • Any trial services such as food tasting, hair-do trials, etc. If these charges incur, these charges will be charged to the client. Varawedding can help you in arrangement of the below services, but extra charges applied to the client:
    • Holiday arrangement, restaurant booking or any other arrangement that not related to wedding planning services.
    • Meals for all crew and vendors on the day of the wedding and of the wedding reherseal.
    • RSVP Service.
    • Transportation arrangement and reservation service.
    • Transportation charges of wedding service suppliers, as well as transportation charges for the transportation of any event participants.

On the wedding day the professional wedding team by varawedding consist of:

  • PIC ( Person In Charge )
  • Bride Assitant
  • Groom assistant.
  • Family assistant (groom's and bride's Family)
  • Decoration handler
  • Sound system and lighting handler
  • Food and beverages handling
  • Floor assistant
Note: the total amount of wedding team on the wedding day depend on the total number of guests and the wedding itself.


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