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Apr 21, 2017 | The Edge Bali

There are no words to describe just how grateful we are, I can tell you right now that it’s not going to fit into a card! You were hands down the best decision we made in this whole of this wedding process, we really did have the best day of our lives and we will treasure it forever. For two people who were very much out of their element, Sasha (varawedding) you were patient, understanding and clear in your communications with us. Thank you for the late nights, the never ending emails, the laughter and the memories. From the venue to the DJ, photographer, florist, and everyone involved we were blown away by the cohesion and beauty in every aspect of our day.

Sasha is so much more than a wedding planner, she is an angel who goes above and beyond on all occasions. Her knowledge, attention to detail, and dedication are just amazing. She is a rarity and a diligent professional, from the little details to the overall picture she made our day absolutely perfect. People don’t believe us when we said we never felt stress, only joy, but it’s true. 

Love Kristy & Fab xxx

May 20, 2017 | Karang Putih Villa

Dian was really helpful from the beginning, arranging the meeting with the vendors, even bargain with special vendors. We were thankful to find such an amazing wedding planner. We were blessed for the ceremony and reception went through smoothly and accordingly. It was real as we expected and even better. We were taken care from the beginning until the end. 

Varawedding was really professional during our event even though maybe some of our family a bit hard to handle. We would highly recommend Varawedding to all of my friends if they would like to have Bali wedding. Thank you very much, Dian and Varawedding teams!

Apr 29, 2017 | Villa Latitude Bali

Varawedding was probably the only wedding planner we approached to help plan for this wedding. We were very laid back in preparations. hence, really glad Ivon was reminding us constantly about timelines and what to do! 

Planning for the wedding has been such a breeze since Vara had ready vendors to recommend and all we needed to do was to send across pictures of what we wanted and Ivon will make it happen with the vendors. The Wedding day turned out perfect all thanks to Ivon and team!

Thank you Ivon and the Vara team!

Love, Mark & Sarah

Apr 08, 2017 | Puri Nirwana Villa Bali

We were very skeptical and worried at first about having our wedding overseas in Bali. We sent inquiries to different wedding planners and Sasha was the only one that provided answers that put our mind at ease. We then went to Bali for a holiday where we met Sasha and her colleague. She took us to potential wedding venues (that we had selected) explaining the process and what will be needed to be done to get married in Bali. From our meeting, we felt comfortable that we could trust Sasha to plan our wedding.

We initially thought that having a wedding overseas would be difficult, however, with Sasha it was very easy. We confirmed what we wanted, Sasha recommended vendors and made all the adjustments and changes we requested. She would always reply straight away and kept us in the loop with whatever was happening. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a wedding planner you can trust especially if it's overseas. 

We know that we had confidence in Sasha, her team and her vendor recommendations which were incredibly important for our wedding day as it sadly rained and poured. Where we were set-up to have the ceremony and reception became flooded from the rain. We were extremely upset and doubtful that it would work out. However, Sasha and her team were able to move all decorations, furniture indoors maintaining the beautiful look we wanted. It was the best we could have hoped for, our guests had a great time, the recommended vendors came through and we're so grateful we choose to go with Sasha and Vara Wedding. I couldn't recommend another wedding planner than Sasha and the Vara Wedding team and am thankful for all the wonderful memories we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. 


Jessica & Jason

Apr 08, 2017 | The Royal Santrian

Words from the bride and groom Michael & Linda,

Thank you again, Ivon for the amazing wedding!

This is my first time experiencing working with a wedding planner but I think you and your team are very diligent and professional. I'm sure the future has a lot in store for you! 

We couldn't do this without you and your team help, our wedding was a success even through the uncertain weather yet you and your team work very professional! 

We love our wedding result, it's all thanks to you Ivon and the Vara team, also I wish you all the best, and may you find the love of your life too and conquer all endeavors swiftly.


Michael & Linda

Mar 17, 2017 | Villa OMG

Where to start... my wedding was so much more than just the day of the17/03/17. It was a journey of 6 months working alongside the best of Bali's wedding planners. 

Sasha made it fun and every time I doubted or became overwhelmed she was quick to change my mood around, I felt like i had a new best friend. Nothing was ever too much and all my expectations were exceeded above and beyond. 

I often hear from friends how stressful and how planning their weddings weren't the best of fun - but I can honestly say I loved every moment of planning my big day.

The day itself was beyond anything I could ever have imagined. 

Working long distance with Sash and planning each thing separately and watching it unfold on the day was breath taking. I often set high standards and expectations on things that really matter to me and I was so worried that I would be let down in some way, but it couldn't be further from that... it was magical and absolutely perfect. 

The team on the day from the moment they walked in had everything organised and I honestly felt a little lazy haha I wanted to do more but I was told to relax and take it all in and for this I am so grateful as that was just what I did. 

Shaun and I felt like movie stars, we felt important and we felt very safe and confident within the Vara Wedding Team and they did not disappoint. 

I couldn't fault anything on our day and I couldn't recommend choosing Vara Weddings enough, I often think what our day would have been like if we didn't have Sasha, the fact that she was there allowed me to just be present and not worry one bit, we could not have done it all without her and I am sad that it is over, communicating so often other the past months has been enjoyable and I have loved it so much and now miss it. 

Can't wait to renew our vows because Vara Weddings will be first to call.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Sasha you are our super star x 

Sep 27, 2016 | The Royal Santrian

Hello Vara Wedding,

I made this testimonial just to appreciate everything that you (Sally), your teams and your company has been doing to help us manage our Bali wedding event in an orderly manner. 

to be brief, she (Sally) and Angga were both energetic and enthusiastic. 

yes of course, sometimes they did some mistake on the guest list, name, etc..however none of the mistakes were major.

the most important thing: 


even the guests had been commenting to us "Your wedding event was cool! it was a success, Bro!!!"

Once again, I and my wife (Yuyu) appreciate what you guys have done for us.

Thank you,

Michael and Yulia

Sep 11, 2016 | Royal Santrian

So many people have told us that our wedding was beautiful and they just loved all the things about our wedding. Yunda, she is really talented wedding organizer. She born to be a leader. She made everything run smoothly and perfect.

The team is very professional, working very fast, helpful and very attention to details. The flow overall are efficient, flawlessly organized. Yunda & vara wedding team You guys are awesome! And thank you so much for every step you made to make our special day fantastically successful.

Thank you from Milla & Ramil

Feb 14, 2017 | Sadara Resort Nusa Dua

Dear Sasha and Dominique

Melanie and I wanted to say that the two of you and the Vara team did a fantastic job for our wedding on the 14th February at the Sadara resort, Bali. 

We were very impressed with the organization and day itself where we felt like pop stars for the day! 

We would highly recommend you and the Vara team to any couple wanting to get married in Bali and know they would be in good hands, as we were. 

Well done again for an amazing day!

Alex and Mel

Oct 22, 2016 | Villa Ombak Biru

Hi Yunda,

so many thanks we want to say to you Yunda! Really helpful and always gave
us any good option to make our wedding very beautiful in Bali! Many guests
are questioning about the WO because they saw the WO was so professional.

Such a good experience to have work with you Yunda! And as a couple, we are
satisfied for your's and the Varawedding team work! 

Thank you Yunda and Varawedding

Love dearly, Cindy & Jonathan

Sep 05, 2015 | Conrad

Here is a very special thanks to Nayunda & Angga Team! Vara wedding is the most reliable and professional wedding planner I've ever imagined. Their guidance through our marriage preparation is unbelievable. Adit and I were in a long-distance relationship, but that doesn't stop us from preparing our marriage together. Of course there are hurdles, but Varawedding is there along the way giving solutions and never gave up reminding me of what to do. We were both busy at that time, but with the magic brains and hands from vara wedding, I must say the preparation was close to perfect. 
Varawedding had even all the solutions to my "last minute worries" and made me feel at ease.
Once again thank you Varawedding for your patience, passionate and amazing guidance. You made our wedding possible and unforgettable.

Love, Jean & Adit

Dec 16, 2016 | Conrad Bali

We all know that Marriage is once in a lifetime journey, And everyone wants to make their dream weddings come true. Either me and jo. 

I and Johansen is a couple who wants something beautiful and unusual for our wedding.  We want something romantic, sacred and intimate yet fun. 

So we chose Bali as our place to say the vow even though both of us didn't stay at bali. 

At first time doing the inspection and all, we got lost since we have no idea on where should we start and what should we do. 

Lucky we have a friend in Bali who recommended us to use Varawedding. And it's not taking a long time for us to chose Varawedding as our wedding planner. 

Mrs. Astini as our senior assistant was a very very helpful and understanding person. 

She was very patient waiting for us to decide which vendors to be used and was very helpful in giving options about vendors. 

She accompanied us to do some inspections and making deal with vendor. 

It saved a lot of time and energy for me and Jo since we both is working in a different city. 

I wanna say thank you so much Mrs.Astini and team for helping us. 

What I learned from vara wedding is Having a wedding out from your city or even out from your country is not impossible as long as you have a good assistant.

Once again, thank you Varawedding! 

Jan 22, 2017 | Villa Latitude

Our wedding day was a magical day from start to finish. The Varawedding team did an amazing job meeting and going above all of our expectations. When we planned to have our wedding in bali, a friend of a friend recommended Varawedding to us. After our amazing wedding we had organized by Varawedding team, we will be recommending Varawedding as a trusted wedding planner in Bali.

Special thanks to Ayu who has always been there from day one recommending top vendors and solutions for our special days. The whole staff was so friendly and attentive, the setting was beautiful and the food was delicious. Planning a wedding from overseas couldn't be easier.

We always dream of a white beautiful wedding. Simple yet and elegant, aisle project recommended by Ayu from Varawedding did an exceptional job with the decorations. That details, particular decorations couldn't make the bride happier :)

Ayu & Varawedding always quick responds and solutions to all our questions. Even we keep changing our minds, she always patient, positive and ensuring us to receive the best out of the best.

Words can't express how perfect our special day was. Thank you for all involved for working so hard and making it a very beautiful and memorable night. Special thank you to Mita ( bride assistant ) and Dea ( groom assistant).

Love, Sylvia & Daniel

Jul 09, 2016 | Villa Anugrah

Thank you to all Varawedding team for the unforgetable moment of my life, my Wedding day. All Varawedding team are very organize and super helpful, Thank you so much especially to Mita who helped us for the past 6 months. 

My wedding went like how i visioned it, from the start Mita is always assisting me to look for the Venue, vendor, and arrange the event rundown.

Varawedding is super recommended, it was all worth it! 

Thank you Mita & Varawedding

Asreria & Ibrahim

Jul 01, 2016 | Khayangan Estate

Thank you Mita and Varawedding team for co-ordinating for us this beautiful and unforgettable wedding !! We are extremely happy and satisfied with our Big Day. The wedding was exactly like how I visioned it. Your service throughout the whole planning until our "Big Day" has been amazing!! many compliments we get from our family and friends were so enormous, everyone was astonished to attend this "Most Beautiful & Perfect Wedding" of their lifetime!! For sure the memories of this day will forever remain in our heart.

A ''Big Big'' Thank you to Mita, from our very first meeting with her, we knew instantly we have found our wedding planner in Bali ~

 Throughout our communication, Mita was always highly professional and very eager to answer all our questions. It is not easy to find someone you feel like you can trust instantly. Mita was definitely one of them. Planning this oversea wedding in less than 8 months could not be more smooth and stress-free! With Mita, we have exchanged many emails, Whatsapp messages and a few broken signal Skype calls.... At the end, My husband and I were always relieved and felt so grateful we had such a professional team to assist us in every single small details in this wedding. From finding the best vendors in each aspect, then arranging the transportations for our family and friends and also planning the one-day trip for them, etc.

Mita and her team had put their heart into all these and were able to provide us their superb professionalism. It was such a great pleasure to work with her and her team. We are even thinking about re-newing our vow in Bali, so we could return there and work with Mita again ;) 

We highly recommend Varawedding to everyone who wishes a dream wedding! They are indeed in our eyes the best Bali wedding organizer! Thank you very much again to Mita and Varawedding team for making our big day the best day in our life.

All the best wishes to you all.....

With love and kind regards,

Emme & Sebastien

Sep 17, 2016 | Villa Anugrah

First of all, Special thanks to Mita from Varawedding!

I feel so lucky that Mita and Varawedding is the one who helped me organize and preparing my Bali Wedding. She is just so detail with her work,  i love to seeing her run-down and all of the time schedule for morning call or makeup and gate-crusher or anything you could think of is just there! 

Mita from Varawedding is so easy to talk to, whenever you have any doubts you could just ask her and everything will be solved, and on the Wedding day, there are also Varawedding team that helped us on the site and overall they’re also very helpful and professional team!

Thank you for the good service! We had an unforgettable wedding, we had so much fun! Thank you Varawedding!

Love Desty & Andrew

Sep 03, 2016 | Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Dear Varawedding,

A BIG thank you for making our special day perfect.

Marlo & I still talking about how much fun we had and we know that is in large part to your team especially my wedding coordinator Christina.

You have turned the wedding of our dreams into a reality and we couldn't be happier.  We appreciate your talent so much, you had every detail taken care of. We did not worry about a thing and were truly able to be a guest at our own wedding.

Thank God that we chose you as our Wedding Organizer, your team, your execution and delivery from the months leading up to the wedding day had been perfect and Christina was the best wedding coordinator we two could ask for.  I wouldn't survived the wedding process without her. She made the process so easy, thanks to her quick response to email, she also went above & beyond to help me contacted the souvenirs vendor, had my wedding souvenirs  sent to her office and even had them wrapped nicely for the wedding day. It made all the difference.

It was an amazing flawless wedding. It all went so perfectly. Your team is phenomenal, very professional and a pleasure to work with on the day of the wedding.
You guys are the best!

We couldn't have done it without all of you. A very BIG BIG thank you.

Warms regards,

Lily and Marlo

Sep 16, 2016 | Villa Atas Ombak

To manage a wedding in Bali from Amsterdam is not easy. Luckily we had Ivon and her Vara team! We could not have asked for anything better.
They helped us from A to Z. From airport pickups and rides for venue hunt, to providing us with our personal assistants on the D day! Throughout the whole process there was ZERO stress moment.
With their help, we created an astounding gorgeous wedding: theme, decor, food, make up, DJ, photo, video, everything was perfect. We enjoyed our special day to the max!!! Even the guests are still talking about how perfect it was.

Thanx alot for making our wedding dream come true.

Bart and Lauren

Jun 11, 2016 | Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort

This Wedding Organizer knows the best, they know what kind of trend is happening right now and all their recommended vendors are having the best quality on what they do.
They know how to make our wedding unforgettable – they really know how stressed the bride was until they are ready and always replied my texts, calls, and questions for 24 hours.
I feel so satisfied with Varawedding service. Their ideas were so helpful to make our wedding dreams come true.

At the wedding day itself, they were running all over, looking all busy but they still keep their big smiles to everyone when i know that it was not easy to face all the angers, complaints, and problems on the day. They gave us the best service they can give without them complaining and showing all the bad facial expressions.

Furthermore, before my wedding day, June 11th, 2016, i need Varawedding team to help me to do the check-in service at one of the hotels for our guests to stay. All my guests were happy with their service, they got their room without any problems, everything went smooth and easy. I believe it was all because a good communication and work between Varawedding and the hotel itself. Plus, when it was on the dinner time, since i had bunch of guests, Varawedding helped them to find their seats right away. So helpful!

Finally, i want to say thank you Varawedding to make my dream wedding spectacular and unforgettable.
I wish you best of luck in the future!

Friska & Yonald

May 30, 2016 | Jeeva Saba

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all your staff ​
(Diandhita, Dea, Ary, ​Peto) ​​for organising with such precision the most beautiful wedding on Monday, 30th May 2016. So many people have told us that our wedding was the most beautiful wedding that have ever attended.

You attended to every detail so beautifully. My decorations were wonderful, the lighting looked great! Your enthusiasm, organisational skills and dedication to the event at hand were outstanding, communication was always a pleasure and nothing was ever any trouble.

I cannot thank you enough and would highly recommend your valuable service and look forward to a close working relationship in the future.

We honestly could not have done it without you! We are still talking about it and so are our guests – they say it was the best wedding they have been to!”

-William & Feny-

Sep 11, 2016 | Banyan Tree

First of all thank you very much Varawedding team for making our wedding dream in Bali comes true J.
We met Dea at the wedding exhibition in Jakarta, at first she just noted the important things in our wedding, and always makes us feel relax before the D-day; finally VOILA!!! All of the wedding parts even small things were well-managed.

Dea is very patient especially with me (as the bride), who always ask for something intricate, great idea, and change the wedding schedule; but she can manage it.
She proposed us with good ideas and vendors; wedding décor from d’oasis, photography from Gusde (Mas Adiwarna), and videography from Mata (Mas Raka and Prilly), and Sherlya & team for the make up :D

Thank you Diandhita, who already helped us especially in the holy matrimony; All the preparation were well-managed. Even you know better than us about the procession :p. All of our requests and details were also fulfilled during the holy matrimony.
The team was awesome; even they had prepared emergency kit and re-arranged my wedding bouquet ; “angpao” for family members who didn’t bring any (even we didn’t think about it XD).

For the bride’s and groom’s assistants (Ari and Nicky); thank you for all your help during the day. To Ari: thank you for reminding me to eat my breakfast :p; carrying all my stuffs from morning ‘til night; we surely did have fun during photoshoot at Melasti beach.

To Nicky: thank you for all your help and quick response especially us (as the groom and groomsmen). Quick response, responsible, friendly, and thought put into every detail may represent Varawedding. Keep up the good works Varawedding :D

Jun 26, 2016 | Conrad Bali
Dearest Vara Wedding, huge thanks to you and your team for such an amazing wedding party! You even managed to keep the thunderstorms at bay!!! It was a lovely venue, fantastic meal, great friendly service from all involved, it made our day so special and memorable, and one that will never be forgotten, you 鈥檒l certainly have our recommendation. We would like to express our Special thanks again to Sally for being the most organized and professional wedding planner and for making sure everything was in good order, Sally is impeccably organized and professional, yet friendly, and this came across from the very first email conversations we had about our wedding in Bali. As we stayed in shanghai for our study and impossible to go to Bali before our wedding, we had to put a lot of trust in Sally in almost everything including the venue, decoration, food, photographer, videographer, makeup artists, flowers, cakes, MC, band, guests accommodation etc. She certainly recommended the best vendors for every details in this party as everything turns out so perfect!! She took the time to explain everything and followed up with the online conversations where necessary. Only two days before the wedding, we finally arrived in Bali and met her for the first time for the meeting she planned with all vendors involved in our Big Day. Sally took us to the meeting venue personally, and told us all about the rundown for our wedding day herself. It made us feel like she cared about us as her clients, and put our mind at rest about everything being ready for the big day. The wedding went without a hitch and needless to say all was in order as promised. I cannot recommend Vara Wedding and Sally highly enough to anyone who wants to get married in Bali.

Hugs and Kisses,

Mr. & Mrs.Kurniawan

Sep 25, 2015 | Tamarama Villa by Semara Uluwatu

To the amazing team at Vara Weddings!

We were fortunate enough to be paired up with our event planner Astini who did an amazing job and exceeded our expectations. It was a daunting process at first to be planning a destination wedding all the way in Melbourne, however Astini and her amazing team made the process so easy for us.We were also fortunate enough that Astini was down in Melbourne prior to our wedding for a bridal expo and took the time to meet with us to go through the final details of the wedding. That goes to show how Vara Weddings would go above and beyond expectations! Vara helped us locate high quality suppliers that also made our day magical and the whole process such a stress free one for us.
Our special day was perfect and every single member of the Vara Weddings team present were absolutely professional and fun! Every detail was perfect and our guests had a great time with the entire team. We highly recommend Vara Weddings for everyone looking for a high quality event planner, especially those who are seeking to have a destination wedding in Bali!

The biggest thank you again, Astini and the amazing team at Vara Weddings!

Love Danita & Grant

Jun 30, 2016 | The Sanctus Villa

Hi Ayu and Varawedding Team,

Thank you so much, Ayu for helping us on our wedding planning in Bali. At the beginning, we were so nervous since the preparation only took six months prior. There were a lot of things that we worried about, affraid that it wont goes well, but when it was on the day, all went good and smooth. Even-though there were some miss communication in between but at the end everything went perfect.

hank you for all your team who were there in-charge from the early morning until late at night. We are really happy and everyone is satisfied on what you guys did, everyone did a great job.

So, once again Thank You Ayu and Varawedding Team :)) Recommended Wedding Organizer

May 01, 2016 | AYANA Resort and Spa Bali

To the dedicated team of varawedding and especially Ivon, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding a smooth & spectacular stress-free one!

Johnny & I are both from the event management industry for a good 8 years, to think about engaging a wedding planner for our wedding was definitely not in our mind at all! Oh boy we were so really wrong! We definitely thought too highly of our capabilities in managing an event, after all, it was our OWN event, how can we not do it ourselves?! The answer is NO, you CANNOT! No matter how good you think you are in the field ;) For that, we owe it to Varawedding. They proved that we could let them handle our big day from A to Z.

At first, the thought of forking out a fee (to Varawedding) didn't seem to justify. In fact, we only decided to engage a wedding planner after we have confirmed & paid deposit to our venue & florist. However, Varawedding was there to assist us to minimise our spending(s) with their trusted vendors/partners. To come and think about it, their management fee was really really reasonable compared to the ones we know back in our home land.

Prior to the big day, Ivon was really attentive from the beginning and she is the type I would definitely want to hire to work for my company :D

Her servicing surpassed my expectations, she knows very well the questions she needs to ask, she's very prompt in replying emails too! I may have to apologise as I'm the one who kept delaying the response due to work commitments and also the fact that we were from Malaysia and not physically in Bali. She even went ahead to discuss with our photographer, MUA & wedding celebrant on behalf of us about the schedule, which I honestly believe she didn't have to but that was really sweet of her! Minimizing our burden/stress was definitely in her system!

During the big day, I was mind blown by their team's professionalism. Each of them have their assigned jobscope and I was really impressed with that. I didn't even need to check on ANYTHING! I just basically stayed in the preparation room to get ready. I didn't need to worry if any of the guest(s) were late as they had a checklist of who is who to make sure all attendance are completed before the ceremony could start. The rundown Ivon had come out with was really detailed & the event went ahead till the end without any major hiccups. I believe they didn't have to stay back for the after party with us but they did! They pretty much made sure everything run smoothly from morning till midnight! Making sure all of our guests arrive on time, and leave the venue safely. Real perfection. Engaging a wedding planner was indeed the best decision ever made for myself & Johnny.

Some of my friends even asked if Varawedding could send their team over to Malaysia for their upcoming weddings, I kid you not! ;)

I would also like to apologize if I had any shortcomings to any of your staff(s). You guys were great!!!! Great was probably an understatement! All of you definitely went above & beyond to make that day the happiest day of, not only our lives, but our families & friends as well!

Thank you VARA!!!! Definitely recommending your services to my friends if they are going to plan a wedding in Bali.

Love ya'll!! <3

Much Love,

Allyssa & Johnny

May 14, 2016 | Le Meridien Jimbaran

First time we meet Florencia – Vara Wedding was at JCC Senayan Jakarta, she gave us a lot of information about wedding in Bali and recommend us some of beautiful venue as our budget request.

Because we were at Jakarta, of course Flo was very helpful specially fulfilling our request to find best vendor. She welcoming us in Bali when we had meeting in there and she already prepare and scheduled all things that we want to do when we’re in Bali so we can took care our things in Bali and could also get holiday in there.

On wedding day, Flo and  her team were very helpful especially prepare our tight schedule, she communicate and handle her team very well. Our wedding day was beyond expectation, it was went all well thanks to Flo.

Andika & Ann

May 01, 2016 | Sadara Boutique.

Thanks Vara Weddings for helping us put on the wedding party we've always dreamed of.
Special thanks to Dea and Sasha for their never ending patience and support. We were so grateful for your help, advice and knowledge from the start of the process to the last and final details at the event.
Your planning and detailed preparation, offering incredible venues and vendor suggestions, was unparalleled. When the small curveball did pop-up you were three steps ahead, resolving the issues before we could even blink.  

You took such great care of both us and our guests from the start to end of the event - it made our beautiful and memorable event even better.

Thank you so much!

Jan 03, 2016 | Infinity Chapel Conrad & Four Season

With many Wedding Organizers in Bali, we were confused to decide on one. Finally when we discussed with Conrad, VaraWedding was one of the recommended WO and after few discussion with Florensia from VaraWedding, we decided to choose them. Still, we were not sure if we had taken the right decision, but most of the vendors esp venues in Bali did acknowledging VaraWedding. One of the venue even waived the surcharge fee for outside vendors if we used VaraWedding.

As we were busy with our event in Jakarta, we still hadn’t finalized most of the things for our Bali Wedding when the Bali Wedding was only 1 month to go, but Florensia has always been patient to remind and assist us. As the time was coming closer, we were able to finalized everything in time thank to Florensia’s prompt response and action. She was very attentive to our request and focused on our concept of wedding.

Finally on our big day, Florensia and her team really showed their expertise. My Husband and I are quite critical, but we were very satisfied with the services. There was a problem with the requested car due to the vendor’s mistake but VaraWedding team managed to solve it quickly. We really enjoyed our wedding without much worry as VaraWedding team had coordinated everything well.

Special thanks to VaraWedding team, especially to Florensia for making our wedding day like what we dreamt of.

Jackson and Wendy

Sep 18, 2015 | Conrad

Dear Florensia,

Thank you for provide everything that I need and make our wedding anniversary beautiful more than I expected yet memorable one. Me and David can't say enough thank you for helping us to do the things with result that is beyond our expectation.

I know this is because you work with your heart that is make you different from others.

You are my best friend, when i really need someone to rely on. Can I?

Thank you so much Florensia (Vara Wedding)  You are the Best!! 

Thanks to Ms. Dewi (New Melati), you make me look so beautiful in every gown . Thank you so much!!

And thanks to Mr. Adiwarna (Gusde team photography) already made our 10th anniversary unforgettable moment forever. Thank you so much!!

And thanks to Flower Blessed for the beautiful decoration. Thank you Ms. Ririen


David, Betty, Wilson, Natasha and Alexander

Sep 15, 2015 | Tirtha Uluwatu

Astini and her team were very professional from the get go - from the initial conversation 6 months prior to the wedding day itself. We had a vision of how our wedding would be like, and Astini provided suggestions that enabled us to achieve that and more. We had a truly memorable wedding day. Every tiny detail was taken care of beautifully, making our planning and the actual day stress-free. Rob and I would definitely do everything all over again. I would definitely recommend Vara Weddings to any wedding couple who would like to organise a wedding in Bali. A big thank you to Astini!

All the best!


Oct 31, 2015 | Tirtha Luhur

Dear Mba Ayu and Vara Wedding Team,

Thank you so much for all. Thank you so much for all the effort that you gave to us, your support, your time, and your prayers are so much meant to Evan, Christina, and family. We have so grateful that we didn’t chose a wrong vendor, in this case is Varawedding as our own wedding organizer.

The thing that i really appreciated is when the team was really good as in the problem solving, through them i have known a lot of vendors that helped me in the wedding preparation.

Is it recommended? Of course Varawedding is so much recommended! All the families are satisfied from early in the morning until late at night, Varawedding gave the best service.

Varawedding and team, not only one person but all the people on the team are so solid and helped me sincere. I am feeling so helped on the wedding day itself, it was sooooo amazing.

Once again, thank you so much, especially for Ayu who was very patience to faced me as the bridezilla and all the thoughts to make decisions.

As well as Asti that helped me on the church, thank you so much that our wedding at church went smoothly and organized.

To my assistant, bride’s assistant, Ary, thank you sooooooooo much because you are so sincere to helped me on the day and i feel so touched. As well as the groom’s assistant, Richard, thank you so much, you guys are the best!!!

Last but not least,

I hope Varawedding would be even more successful from now on and Varawedding will always be the best.

Warm greetings from all the big families of Evan and Christina.

We’ll sure keep in touch.

With Love,

Evan and Christina

Jun 06, 2015 | Khayangan Estate

Planning a destination wedding is not easy at all.  Being perfectionists, we were a bit nervous leaving it all in the hands of a wedding organizer.  Luckily, we found Vara Wedding (thank you, Google!).  Christina was just awesome and, emails after emails, she continued to put our minds at ease.

After a year of planning, the wedding day itself was beyond our expectations!  Every single detail was perfect.  Everything went smoothly and stress-free for us and our families, thanks to Christina and the Vara Wedding team.  Knowing you had everything under control, we didn’t have to worry about anything and we got to actually enjoy ourselves.  Also, having personal assistants (shout out to Mita and Ivon!) on our special day made things much, much easier.

A testament to the hard work and attention to detail you provided, is the high praise we received from our family and friends.  It was unanimously decided that our wedding was a truly unforgettable and joyous experience!

One sentence to describe our wedding day?  BEST. DAY. EVER. (so far)

Thank you for our dream wedding!  Hit us up if you’re ever in NYC

Oct 03, 2015 | The Edge Bali Villa

Dear Ivon & Vara Wedding Team,

Thank you so much on helping us to coordinate our wedding at The Edge Bali. It must be challenging to deal with 200 overseas guests, but you guys managed to pull it off! On the actual day, we can see that the entire team worked really hard and tried their best to minimize any issues. We felt that our wedding event was well-coordinated and were glad that our guests enjoyed the holy matrimony and dinner reception. 

During the wedding planning, Ivon was very helpful and responsive to our questions in Whatsapp chat or emails. She helped us to find some of the best vendors (e.g. ABC food catering, MC Arnold, Ixora Wedding Cake to name a few) and also accompanied us when we visited our potential wedding venues in Bali. She's super patient, flexible and able to deal with last-minute requests. We would definitely recommend her and Vara Wedding for future clients looking to plan their wedding in Bali.

Once again, a huge thank you to the team! You guys definitely helped to make our lives easier in making our dream wedding possible.


Steven & Shirley

Sep 19, 2015 | Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort

"We are both based in Jakarta and having a wedding planner based in Bali is such a lifesaver! When we decided to have a wedding in Bali (9 months before), almost all venues are fully booked since the date falls during the 'wedding season'. Our wedding planner, Ivon, went above and beyond to find the ideal venue which suits our vision and budget. We are also very pleased with all the vendors she recommended to us (cakes, decor, MC, band etc.), who all deliver great product & services. Ivon is very knowledgeable, helpful and has good attention to details that make our wedding ran smoothly. All our guests loved our wedding and had a really good time. Thank you Ivon and Vara Wedding team for making such a memorable wedding for us!"

- Jessica & Wibi -

Sep 27, 2015 | Anantara Seminyak

During the course of our wedding planning, the most frequent question Richie and I have been asked by our family and friends was “Why aren’t you stressed?” The answer was because we had a wedding organiser, and not just any wedding organiser but VaraWedding. Richie and I would like to extend our gratitude to the AMAZING team at VaraWedding. In particular, Sally Gunawan, who went above and beyond to orchestrate a wedding we (as well as our guests) will never forget. As a disorganized couple who tends to leave things till the last minute and can at times be indecisive (sorry Sally), Sally has helped by offering many suggestions and covered all the little details we would have never even considered if we were to plan a wedding on our own. Her attention to detail and ability to act quickly had reassured us that our wedding Bali was definitely going to be amazing despite the majority of correspondence and decisions made was by email or text message.

On the day of our wedding, Sally, Sasha, Chica and Peto (only to name a few) proved that they were indeed experts in what they do. From the moment we arrived at our wedding venue at AnantaraSeminyak, the team was there to assist us in preparation of the big moment whilst maintaining a fun, stress-free environment. They even made sure to feed us and keep us hydrated in between make-up rounds and photo sessions! There wasn’t an ounce of stress or negative energy on our special day, we even had some downtime where we could just sit, rest our feet and play games during the intermission. Our wedding day ran so perfectly well, our guests left happily and said they had so much fun. Once again, a huge thank you to VaraWedding! We certainly couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Best Regards,

Lynn & Richie

Apr 07, 2015 | Semara Villa

Thank you Vara Weddings for co-ordinating our wedding giving us a wedding that we could fully enjoy without any worries.
We feel you found us the best vendors; the photographer, the videographer, DJ, string quartet, hair and make-up artist, cake baker, and decorator. They were all excellent!
We liked how we were given a schedule when we arrived in Bali, a week prior to the wedding, which included being escorted to the Consulate in Bali to apply the CNI, meeting Vara Weddings, trial hair and makeup, meetings with vendors and rehearsals.  All that was left for us to do was to relax before the wedding day!
When the big day arrived, we appreciated how the full team of Vara Weddings worked tirelessly from morning to nightfall to make sure the day ran without any hitched.  We felt relaxed the whole day knowing we were in good hands.
Thank you Nayunda at Vara Weddings for such a wonderful wedding day, a dream wedding. We truly appreciate all your efforts and hard work. It really was a perfect day - We would not have changed a thing!
A day we will never forget.
Holly and Lee Pinci


Dec 14, 2014 | Bayu Gita Villa

Dear Yunda,

A big thank you from Jeffrey and Myself for what you had organised for us even I had engaged various different teams into my wedding. We both had a wonderful stress free day and an awesome experience. Thank you.  Your team also did a great job for making sure my guest is in perfect mood and enjoying every second. The food that Maudi highly recommended was great and the desserts  just divine. Yunda was just a perfect lady to be around to make sure my worry is varnished. Thanks Yunda you are such a wonderful lady. Another beautiful lady I must mention is Vanessa, she is full day round me, making sure I on schedule and assists me in all way. Vanessa, big hug and thanks for all this.

We have only great memories of the whole experience and really appreciated your positive , sparkling and fun approach to the planning of this event.  Please pass on our heart warm application  and thanks to the rest of you team.  I would highly recommend to all bride to be, Varawedding is a great choice.

Many thanks.

Jeffrey & Kristy

Jun 13, 2015 | Tirtha Luhur, Uluwatu

We knew from the first time we’re planning our wedding that having a good Wedding Organizer is one of the most important aspects, and we’re so glad we chose Vara Wedding in helping us arranging our big day. Christina and her team not only helped us come up with ideas to make moments in our wedding more poignant, but her attention to detail and organizational skills were so valuable in ensuring us stress-free moments during our wedding.

At a celebration of such importance, it goes without saying that our services had to be professional, organized, and hassle-free. Vara Wedding ensured that every last detail was perfect and recommended only the best quality suppliers - at a price that suited our budget. Jonathan and I are very satisfied with every little things in our wedding and so are our guests! In the end it’s safe to say that we were both able to relax and spend the majestic day together, enjoying ourselves and sharing the moments with our beloved families and friends, and it’s all with the help of Vara Wedding.

We can't thank you enough, Christina and we hope the business to grow even more so that every couple planning a wedding in Bali can benefit from your professionalism as a wedding planner. Thanks again. It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to work with you.

Jonathan & Wenny

Nov 29, 2014 | The Royal Santrian

First met with Ms. Dian (Varawedding) at the Wedding Exhibition in Senayan, Jakarta a year ago, we immediately sure that Dian could assist us likes what we want. The Services of Varawedding was completely perfect, Dealing with vendors, venues inspection, looking for the souvenirs, almost one year we did it together., such have a great time  to enjoy. On the Our wedding day, the Varawedding's teams worked very professional,  from early morning until latest night after the party. Couldn't ask for more! Thank you guys for everything and personal touch of Dian..

David & Lianty.

Nov 09, 2014 | St. Regis

Like most of the girls, I’ve always dreamt about having a perfect Wedding day and VaraWedding made it happened for us!

Deciding on the wedding location in Bali St Regis resort wasn’t a very difficult decision, the breath-taking scenery and excellent service made the wedding very beautiful; But with VaraWedding team and Christina’s help throughout the planning and on the day, I was simply the most relaxed bride ever!

Bride & Groom were both marketing professionals in brands and very dedicated to details. We had experiences in event planning, project planning, budget controlling etc. So, I was pretty sure that Christina was dealing with a very detail-oriented & organized Bride J but she handled it just perfectly.  All my requests / wishes and our ideas of how the wedding would be, she made it happened the exact ways we wanted it. The communication was smooth, we were in touch via IMs, E-mails, and occasional skype-calls, and even after regular work hours, Christina was still responsive whenever she could and we truly appreciated it.

The planning was smooth, despite there were difficulties here and there, which was expected, but she still delivered very satisfying results for us.  Christina was very helpful, and supportive; also very easygoing to communicate with.

On the wedding day, I was very amazed with the entire team of 8 people showed up to help us.  From the Bride’s own assistant, to the wedding executing team (Christina, Irene, Bella etc)… people followed us all day, communicated/worked with St. Regis to deliver a perfect wedding for us. I didn’t have to worry much other thank looking pretty J and honestly, I wouldn’t have done it without Christina’s help at all.  Additionally, special thanks to Bella, who was my assistant of the day, who followed me around, observed any tiny move I made, and would get the signal and gave me the things I would need at the moment without I even asked for it! This was truly amazing service and impressive! And, special thanks to Irene, who helped us to execute the details and programs perfectly; she helped us to solve spontaneous issues here and there without letting us worried, the wedding was smooth all thanks to them and the team.

Varawedding is very professional on wedding planning/execution, all staff are very friendly. If any friends would want to get married in Bali, I would have no doubts to recommend VaraWedding to anyone I know!

Thank you, for making our wedding like a dream-come-true!

Best Regards,

Emily & Andy

Sep 05, 2014 | Villa Anugrah

Hi Christina,

Just wanted to say the biggest thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the emails, skype calls and meeting to make our dream wedding in Bali happen.

We were so happy with how everything turned out and ran on the day and we received so many comments from guests saying it was the best wedding they have ever attended and it looked like something out of a movie!

We really enjoyed our photo shoot with Gusde both pre wedding and on the day and we can't wait to see the photos.

The welcome drinks at Le Meridien really helped all our guests get to know each other before the wedding and all of the guests were mingling and having fun together at the end of the night.  

Mel and I were blown away by the flowers and decorations.  It was amazing watching the villa transform for the ceremony and reception whilst we were busy doing the gate crashing and then the photo shoot on the beach.  The floating stage, candles in the pool and table settings were better than we imagined.  Couldn't have planned them to look better - with the exception of a more prominent wishing well for cards and gifts (some guests were not sure where to put gifts/cards or forgot)  

The food was equally amazing.  My father who is one of the fussiest eaters I know was very impressed with the canapes and food.  Our only regret was that we didn't set aside any of the canapes for the bridal party to eat after our photo shoot and losing the free voucher to eat at the Dijon restaurant in Seminyak.  Again thanks to their flexibility in helping us serve drinks and not charging cocktails all of our guests could drink their favourite spirits for the whole night without fuss.    

The sound and audio was one of the highlights.  Having the sound and lights and DJ over the floating stage really made the most amazing setting for the most fun party I have ever attended.  

Finally the wedding team that put together the whole day and ensured that everything ran to time without stressing those involved.  It's hard to believe that after all the months of planning it is finally over.  We are almost tempted to have another wedding every year because it was so much fun.

Thank you again and we will definitely recommend you to any of our family or friends looking to get married in the future.  

Lots of Love,

Mel and Nel

Nov 15, 2014 | The Chedi Sakala

Dear Christina and Team at Varawedding,

Ronny and I just wanted to say a huge thank you one more time for all of your help, patience, grace, good judgement and incredible planning with our wedding.

Words are not really enough to express how incredibly grateful we are to all of you.
As soon as we met in late 2013, you have put us (well especially me) totally at ease. We knew that no matter what happened (like weather – knowing that it was rainy season) you would make sure that the wedding would go smoothly.

And it did! You have made this wedding process such a pleasure and there was absolutely nothing left for us to worry about.

We had such an awesome and wonderful time at our wedding that we wish we could do it all over again! One of the greatest pleasures was of course getting to know you. You were not just our wedding organizer, but also a friend and a personal advisor. Thank you Christina, we could not have done it without you and your superb team. You really did make our wedding dreams come true!

We hope to catch up with you soon and we will surely be speaking highly of you when someone asks about a recommended wedding organizer in Bali.

Good luck in your future endeavors, Christina!

Much love,

Ronny and Michelle.

Sep 06, 2014 | The Royal Santrian

Like most girls I have always dreamt of my perfect wedding day. The venue, our closest friends and family, an intimate affair surrounded by loved ones.

My fiance and I discussed at length where we were going to hold our wedding, and finally set our hearts on Bali. As we both have Indonesian heritage it seemed fitting to hold it in the beautiful

Island, with a number of our closest friends and family. An intimate island escape.

After that was decided, it was a matter of how. Rich lives in London while I lived in Australia, and there were millions of decisions to make. Although we had made a few trips to Bali to look at venues, we knew we needed the help of a trusted Wedding Organizer to pull it off from overseas.

This is when I found Nayunda from the Varawedding team.  Not only is she helpful and knowledgeble, she also became a friend.

I am a perfectionist and hundreds of emails must have been exchanged, in the end we managed to work together and achieve my vision for the day.

Our Bali wedding day will be one we won’t ever forget– thank you Vara Wedding for all your help.

Lots of love,

Nisa and Rich

Nov 02, 2014 | Tirtha Luhur Uluwatu
Dearest Nayunda & Varawedding team.

Words cannot describe how thankful and grateful Winardi & I am to have you and your excellent team as our wedding organizer on our special day. The team is definitely filled with vibrant, dedicated, professional and passionate people. Thank you so much for being attentive, helpful and patient in the entire planning process. I know how demanding I was throughout the planning process with the countless late night phone calls and long essay emails and I really appreciate how patient and helpful you have been to us. Our wedding has definitely exceeded our expectation. The holy matrimony and reception dinner were so beautiful and everything went so well. Not to mention the after party, where you guys took care of me and my guests even after everything went all crazy & wet (LOL). Seriously, such an unforgettable moment and it was the best day of my life. It has been my pleasure working with you and the rest of the team and hopefully we can work together again in the future. 

Oh and thank you for the christmas present too!!! 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!! :)

Hugs & Kisses

Winardi & Fenny

Nov 15, 2014 | Semara Uluwatu

We had the pleasure of having the service of Astini at Semara Uluwatu Villa and we can't recommend them highly enough. Their service throughout the day was amazing. 

A personal helper Ruri was assigned to the bride (myself) and she was a star (and I wasn't expecting a personal helper!), she had been a great help to me and my bridesmaids at the wedding and did a fantastic job.

Everything went really smooth, and varawedding crew had been very professional and ensure all timelines and rundown are followed closely. Their decorations of the wedding were beautiful and were exactly what we wanted.

We'd highly recommend varawedding to any of our friends or anyone else if they were holding the wedding in Bali for their amazing and professional service. Good job guys!

Kes & Tom

Sep 28, 2014 | Mulia Resort Nusa Dua

Dear VaraWedding team,

First of all, we are very happy with our wedding in Bali, especially because it was organized professionally. I would like to thank VaraWedding in helping me to organize my wedding from the scratch. Thank you to everyone involved in organizing my wedding, especially Yunda; Words alone cannot express my gratitude to you all. You made my special day even more special, and it was better than I expected. If I were to sum it all in one word, it was ‘magnificent’. Everything from hair and make-up, food, music, theme, ambience, decorations, flower, cake was all well-prepared; Thank you to the team. Once again, thank you for making my wedding day such a joyous and memorable one.

Best regards,

Kelvin & Patricia

Nov 02, 2013 | The Edge Villa

First of all, on behalf of the bride and groom, i want to say thank you for all varawedding team who make my wedding successful and memorable!!
So, heres the story. I got a recommendation from my friend who had a wedding in Bali with the help of Varawedding team. I contacted Nayunda through phone and i felt the connection with her immediately, so i decided to choose this wo.
Even though from the preparation time until the big day less than half year, they made everything so beautiful.
The service and the handling all things are very professional yet fun, so the bride did not feel stressed at all during the big day. They really help and guide us step by step through out the time for preparation.  I remembered some of the team who dedicated their whole day for us: Nayunda, Momo, Dian, Christina, Aang. Could not thank you enough for all of your help for the bride and groom, all the ceremony and reception until the littlest details, and for taking care of our guests in different hotels.
Thank you once again and i will surely recommended Varawedding wedding organization for future bride and groom who wants to have their wedding at Bali.

Nov 01, 2014

Hi Astini,

We would to commend & congratulate Astini & her team at Vara Wedding for making all of our dreams come true. Our wedding was the most beautiful & magical day of our lives. Astini & her team were absolutely amazing. They have obviously got so much experience in wedding planning & organisation as their attention to detail & professionalism was perfect. They worked brilliantly together as a team making sure everything on my wedding day went perfectly. I had just high expectations for my big day, as all Brides do, & they made day far exceed my expectations. Each & every vendor including, photographer, videographer, DJ & make up artists that Astini recommended to me were beyond brilliant. I cannot thank them all enough for making my dreams come true. I would highly recommend Astini & her team at Vara Wedding to any future Bride to Be.

With my kindest regards

Amber-Lee Wilson

Oct 18, 2014 | Sinaran Surga Villa
Dearest Yunda,

Hope you are well! We are ever-grateful for the wonderful, wonderful job that you and your team performed for our wedding night. It was magical, beautiful, amazingly fun and flawless. We could not have asked for any better night! All the guests were harping good vibes and words about your team, saying how hospitable and helpful you all were. Ditto from me and Will! Despite my indecisions, my "blank face" when you asked me what I wanted, you were very patient, helpful and accommodating, and eventually, the ceremony and the reception were seamlessly orchestrated. All the planning were carried out perfectly and with extreme efficiency! Note of thanks also to Sasha, who was next to me the entire time and also helped "hair-dryed" my creased wedding gown! Thank you all very much, it will forever be a night to remember!

Will & Jane

Jul 12, 2014 | Bluemoon Chapel
Grateful to all crews' perfect hospitality towards our wedding day , really thoughtful in every details. Very satisfied!
May 18, 2014 | Amanusa Nusa Dua

Dear Nayunda,

Thank you for making our wedding day so special and memorable. It turned out even more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. You labored to get everything perfect, from arranging the photographer, videographer, venue set up, décor, down to the lights, music, and the wedding favours. It could not have happened without your dedication! Thank you for accommodating this fickle bride, making changes for me even to the last minute and making things happen in the most magical way. Thank you for your patience when dealing with us, and for doing your very best. The professionalism of the Vara team on the actual day is really commendable, you made everything run smoothly. I will always be grateful, and each 18th May, I will remember you fondly!

Warm Regards

Apr 30, 2014 | Bvlgary Resort Bali

Hi Yunda,

We would like to thank you for your wonderful job assisting us organised the wedding. The day was perfect. We had a great time so did our family and friends. Your team was very friendly and helpful. You were actively assisting us meeting our needs.

Jan 18, 2014 | Ayana & Grand Hyatt Nusadua
Dear Christina and the team @Varawedding,

Hope you are well and in good spirits.

Both Michelle and I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to you and to all your operations team for taking such good care of all our guests at our wedding this January 18th 2014.

Comments on venue to support staff were excellent, kudos to your team and even though it rained and the rain gods threatened to make the outdoor party very wet, your service team immediately went into high gear along with the Grand Hyatt Team and moved our dinner party to the ballroom without any major glitches. Many Kudos to your team for all the support.

Finally you yourself, well I know that since the beginning we have had many demands and changes and re changes and more demands. Thank you for being patient with us and for taking such good care in your planning. If not for you our special day would not have been the same.

Once again thanks and congratulations for the outstanding service and support team by Varawedding as a wedding organizer.

Best personal wishes
Oct 20, 2013 | The Mulia Bali Resort
We are satisfied with all the arrangement that varawedding has provided for us (accommodation and transportation). From planning up to the wedding day was excellent. Christina is a very hospitable person and always accommodated our needs. We feel like collaborating with a very close friend not only a vendor. Even after the wedding, we still in contact. We are delighted!!! Thanks for be part of our dream wedding. J
Nov 02, 2013 | Grand Nikko Bali
We would like to sincerely thanks to varawedding team especially Nayunda the hot female that arranged our big day and introducing us to all amazing vendors! Well as we all human, there's nothing perfect we could do, but  the team were fun and we could not have such a beautiful time without their help. Our guest were well organized thanks to Tutik for always updating the room process and Sri to coordinate our guest room as well. Thank you also for calmly remind us for every detail about our day. After all varawedding team was handling us very well, definitely varawedding is recommended for your big day!

Firman & Melthanos
Oct 13, 2013 | The St. Regis Bali Resort
It's not over stated that my first step in planning for Bali Wedding is contacting Varawedding. Their reply is fast and detailed, I'm not someone who is easy to please, but Varawedding really help me makes my wedding a true dream wedding. I live in Japan, it's a 7 hour flight which makes me almost impossible to visit Bali before my wedding. I first met Christina is like 3 days before my wedding and it's almost overwhelming that we've planned so much just by corresponding through mail!! To be honest, my wedding is totally stress free (I even gained weight from planning a wedding lolz) I've always wanted an outdoor wedding, the garden reception and beach deck dinner is superb, wedding decoration is perfect as I imagine, I got so many compliment for my wedding, they even say it's the best wedding ever. I really can't thank Christina and Varawedding enough for their input, understanding and hard work. Overall there would'nt be such a great wedding if it wasn't for Varawedding. I'll definitely recommend to others in the future!! Thank you again!!

Photo by Terralogical photography
Jul 06, 2013 | Ayana Resort & Spa
It was a great pleasure to have Varawedding as our planner/organiser on our wedding day. We know how complicated and difficult a wedding can be even far before our wedding. We also know that it is every couple's dream to have the perfect beautiful wedding. Our dream from the beginning was to have a personal and memorable wedding in Bali. Something simple, not pretentious, yet elegant. However we had an issue and it had something to do with distance. None of us are in Indonesia as we both live in Melbourne, Australia. It is a 7 hour flight for us to visit Bali so we don't have time to organise the wedding ourselves. Both of our family are not in Bali either, so you can imagine how challenging it was for us.

It is still very fresh in our memory how we visited Bali to meet all of our vendors - Vara Wedding being one of them. We had a really good first impression and from there on, we maintained communication via email and text messages. Varawedding understood our challenge and how important the wedding is for us. The team has been very professional, responsive and helpful from day one. And finally, we got to our wedding day with great satisfaction and beautiful memories.

Thank you Varawedding for making our wedding dream come true. Your contribution and cooperating has been excellent and made things even more perfect for us. We both wish you the very best and keep up the good work! We have no doubt in recommending you to our friends and family. 

Alvin + Irenne
Jun 29, 2013 | Kayumanis Nusa Dua
We both wanted to thank you all for such a wonderful wedding day. We're so happy we picked a beautiful and romantic venue in Villa Kayumanis, the good team work from Varawedding,and everything was so perfect, Couldnt have done it without you guys! Thanks again!
May 05, 2013 | Tirtha Uluwatu
We are more than happy with all the work that you have done for us. Everything from planning until the execution of the wedding was perfect. Christina is very flexible and came with great suggestion regarding vendor selection and she has good experiences and willing to share it with us. Even after the wedding, the service is still continue. We are definitely a satisfied customer! 
Jan 19, 2013 | Latitude Villa
Great villa! Great MC!! Great wedding organizer!!!
Thanks Asti and team for the unforgettable wedding moments.
Without Vara, we would never be able to make our wedding dreams come true.

All the best!!!
Alvin & Alisa
Apr 27, 2013 | Tirtha Luhur
The wedding was beautiful, Simple, elegant and memorable.
Intimate! Food was good! This is a hard wedding to beat! This is a great wedding which we will remember for years! Holy matrimony was beautiful. And I really love the wedding reception with the intimate ambience, full of laughter, entertaining shows, yummy foods (the last one’s important too for me, hehehe).
Sep 22, 2012 | Sinaran Surga Villa

Our wedding day was truly the best day of our lives! Everything about it was perfect!  down to every little detail. The great location, Sinaran Surga Cahaya Villa, successfully wowed all of our friends and family members! especially the moment they entered the reception area. The simple yet elegant decoration compliments the already breathtaking view. Absolutely a wonderful setting to celebrate our special day.

Of course, a party won’t be a party without excellent food and beverages as well as entertainment. Everyone got to enjoy the wide range of selections from the East meets West menu. And the cocktail bar was surely never empty J Lapuja Band and DJ Wayne Wonder also did an amazing job in creating the perfect ambiance to the party.  A perfect mix of romantic and fun all together! People kept on dancing to the point that they took their shoes off and started dancing in the pool!

People make party! And we sure have the best friends and family who made this day as memorable as it was. Having people flying all the way from different parts of the world to be with us was truly a great honor for us. Which was the main reason we decided to combine the best of both worlds (East and West) in various aspects of our ceremony and reception; so that everyone gets to experience something new through our wedding.

Thanks very much to Christina and the rest of Varawedding crews as well as all vendors for making our dream wedding come true J Everything was absolutely beautiful!
Nov 10, 2012 | Ayana Resort & Spa
Dear Mbak Christina and team,
We just wanted to say thank you for helping us create our perfect wedding ceremony and dinner in the world! It came out so beautifully flawless and that is thanks to you.
We got so many compliments from our friends and families saying that was the best wedding ceremony and dinner they've ever attended and how much they loved you, you were a hit!  
So again thank you so much for helping in making our wedding day unforgettable.
Daniel & Angel
Oct 27, 2012 | Villa Infinity
Dear Christina and the Team at Vara Wedding,
We are grateful for your expert orchestration of our wedding day. We are happy to have had the privilege of working with someone who translated our vision with style and professionalism. Every detail exceeded our expectations and our quests were thoroughly impressed with your talents. We had an awesome day and night and none of it could have been possible without all your input, ideas, patience, understanding and hard work. We are still talking about it and so are our guests – they say it was the best wedding they have been to! We sincerely thank you for making our wedding day dream come true! THANK YOU for what has been unanimously decided THE BEST WEDDING EVER!.
Apr 28, 2012 | Tirtha Uluwatu
"We initially looked in Singapore for a wedding planner for our Bali destination wedding, but we could not find one within our budget. Thankfully, we found Varawedding online and met Rido, who was professional, made us feel comfortable, and assured us that we can have a wedding with our requirements and within our budget. Through their hard work, expertise, and professionalism, Rido, Sherly, and a bevy of staff gave us not only a wedding that met our needs but also the wedding of our dreams! Our guests couldn’t stop raving about it, and word of Varawedding’s exploits will be sure to spread. We cannot say enough about the value of Varawedding’s services. Thank you and best wishes!"

Apr 12, 2012 | The Westin Resort Nusa Dua,
"We met Varawedding team at Perth Wedding Expo. They were very helpful and professional from start. They were very organised and responded to our queries promptly. The team were friendly and everything were planned well. Thank you Varawedding and keep up the good job!"